Understanding Your Pet’s Behaviour

Understanding your pet’s behaviour is key to them leading a happy and healthy life. They may not be able to speak, but they can certainly communicate a full range of emotions and needs with body language and sounds. Listening to your pet will not only build a stronger bond, but could save their life.

Decoding your pet

Every pet has its own unique pawsonality, quirks and behaviours, and we love them all for it. It’s your job to be the interpreter and build a bond of trust between you.

Every type of pet comes with its own behaviour. Doggy brains are wired differently to kitty minds, and other small fluffs are different again. Understanding what’s going on inside their head is the first step to discouraging unwanted behaviours, and celebrating the good.

Keep learning for happier pets

Whether you’ve owned dogs your whole life, or just brought home a new kitten, there’s always something to learn. Be the most pawsome pet owner possible by finding out everything you can to ensure your pet’s life is healthy and happy.

Dog behaviour

Originally descended from wolves, dogs are pack animals and you’re their leader. They want to please you, and in return for you to provide for them. Dogs are very good at reading people, but they still need lots of training so what you need from them becomes instinctive.

Unwanted behaviours are usually a sign of illness or poor training – the good news is both can often be fixed.

Cat behaviour

Cats are bred from a solitary species. They often go their own way and take no prisoners, and that fierce independence in them makes them special. Every cat has their own personality that informs their behaviour, so understanding what makes them tick is the key to their heart.


Your rabbit’s body language is often subtle, so it can be tricky to know how they’re feeling. Recognising their basic signals will help you understand their behaviour, and make for a pawfect owner-bunny relationship.

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