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RSPCA Victoria works with the community to support better animal welfare and to help prevent cruelty. Check out our latest projects.

Mildura Loves Pets

RSPCA Victoria launched the Mildura Loves Pets program in July 2021.

This initiative aims to support pet owners in the region to improve the welfare of their animals. We have a dedicated Community Liaison Officer in the heart of Mildura and a team of passionate Inspectors who support the region. Through the provision of education and direct support, the focus of this project is now on eliminating canine parvovirus in the Mildura community.

Goals of the Mildura Loves Pets program

Increase awareness about the deadly nature of parvovirus and how it can be easily prevented with vaccinations. Protect animals from illness and death through the provision of free vaccinations at community events or through supplying vaccination vouchers to dog owners Facilitate education sessions for primary schools and human services agencies to create an improved understanding of good animal welfare and how it can be achieved.

How the Mildura Loves Pets project is helping animals

Free dog vaccinations Flea and worming treatments Emergency shelter
Food for dogs and cats Microchipping Rehoming

Mildura Loves Pets was made possible by a generous bequest from local resident and animal enthusiast, the late Joyce Wells. The MLP initiative honours her love and respect for animals by enhancing the welfare of pets living in the Mildura community.

Mildura Loves Pets

Family violence support

Domestic violence is a serious and complex issue facing the community. Evidence suggests that at least half of domestic violence situations also include animal abuse [1].

RSPCA Victoria Inspectors are often called to investigate animal cruelty where family violence is present. 

RSPCA Victoria works alongside Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre, an organisation that provides vital support services to people in domestic violence situations.

Boarding facilities Pet friendly accommodation Pet supplies
Emergency pet shelter for those fleeing from violence. Finding safe places for domestic violence victims and their pets. Making sure all pets are healthy and cared for.

[1] Volant AM, Johnson JA, Gullone E, Coleman GJ (2008) The relationship between domestic violence and animal abuse: an Australian study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 9: 1277-1295.

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Support for indigenous communities

Our indigenous community support projects aim to improve the health and welfare of companion animals living in remote Indigenous communities.

Access to vets Education and programs Desexing
Providing veterinary services to remote and indigenous communities, ensuring all pets get the help they need. Studies show improved animal welfare goes hand in hand with human wellbeing, and education is the key to positive change. Desexing pets improves overall health of animals and reduces abandoned and unwanted litters. Desexing initiatives also help manage the stray animal population, reduces spread of disease and decreases the incidence of dog attacks.
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