Assistance after a disaster

RSPCA Victoria has teams across the organisation ready and willing to provide post-disaster assistance where required. Our dedicated outreach teams travelled to bushfire-ravaged areas of Victoria in January and February 2020, providing direct support alongside the provision of pet supplies and resources to help members of the community and their animals who had been impacted by the blazes.

The community outreach team were similarly active when storm-damaged areas of Victoria struggled without power in June 2021. The team were able to gain access to an impacted zone at Kalorama to provide pet supplies to residents in need; delivering food and provisions for cats, dogs, rabbit and chickens within the affected community.

While our outreach team are not first responders in an emergency, we routinely communicate with emergency services and other leading agencies such as SES, CFA, Victoria Police, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, Forest Fire Management and Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions to coordinate our efforts and offer our assistance where we can have the greatest positive impact.

Emergency services

If you or your pet is in immediate or life-threatening danger, call the emergency services. They will be able to assist you quickly and send the appropriate help.

Try to stay calm, follow all the instructions given by the operator and only hang up when instructed to do so.

Call 000