Healthy Pet Days

Caring for Your Furry Friends

We know how much you love your pets and how important they are to you. That’s why we’re excited to bring you Healthy Pet Day, proudly supported by Petbarn Foundation, a special day that’s all about helping you take care of your pets and making sure they stay happy and healthy. But it’s not just about your pets; we’re here to support you too!

Healthy Pet Days are free* for cats and dogs, and include:

  • Pet Check-Ups: Our veterinarians will give your pets a check-up to make sure they’re feeling their best. We want to help them stay with you for a long time.
  • Vaccines: We’ll make sure your pet gets the most important shots that will help keep them safe from sickness.
  • Microchipping: A superpower to keep them safe, having your pet microchipped will help us get them home if they ever get lost.
  • No More Fleas and Worms: We’ll provide a dose of parasite prevention treatment from our friends at Elanco to keep pesky fleas and worms away from your pets.
  • Expert Advice: If your pet has some tricky behaviours, our trainers are here to help you understand and manage them better.
  • Resources & Pet Food: We’ve got lots of helpful advice and supplies for you to take home too!

Plus, there will be community services there for you too – taking care of your well-being is just as important, so you can be there for your pets!

Here’s where we’ll be next:


Cranbourne Community House

Wednesday 29 May

To access this free service, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Present a valid concession or health care card (e.g., Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Ex-Carer Health Care Card).
  • Reside in the local council area where the event is taking place (proof required)
  • Be 18 years old or over.

Please note that this service cannot be provided to breeders or litters at this time.

  • Cats must be in a carry cage, and dogs must be on a lead.

Spots are limited, please book your dog or cat’s appointment in advance!

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While we will accommodate limited walk-ins as space permits, we encourage early registration to guarantee your spot.

Healthy Pet Day is a special day to celebrate the love between you and your pets. Join us and make sure your pets are healthy and happy. Remember, we’re here for you too, because pets are family, and families stick together. Don’t miss this chance to keep your pets and yourselves in great shape.

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