Community Outreach

As part of RSPCA Victoria’s vision of ending cruelty to all animals, there has been a growing emphasis on proactive intervention and prevention strategies, with an aim to raise awareness about what constitutes good animal welfare and to work with the community to help them achieve this. We want to empower communities to better care for their animals, and we aim to do this through a collaborative approach that encompasses education, advocacy, animal care, enforcement and protection. Our goal is to improve animal welfare in the community and deliver positive outcomes, both for people and their animals.

Our community outreach team delivers programs that are evidence-based, targeted, respectful and sustainable. These programs respond to the individual needs of each community to prevent neglect and increase responsible animal ownership.

Our various programs offer a range of free or subsidised services and supplies, including:

  • Desexing programs
  • Provision of preventative veterinary care
  • Good quality animal food
  • Flea and worm treatments
  • Vaccinations and microchipping
  • Emergency boarding
  • Provision of animal care information in collaboration with our education team.

Where appropriate, we also collaborate with other stakeholders to amplify our reach and ensure our initiatives deliver positive outcomes for organisations in the community. This could include local vets, human services agencies, local councils and schools.

The objectives of these programs include:

  • Healthy, well-cared for animals in communities of need
  • Fewer unwanted and unowned animals entering shelters
  • Fewer animals suffering from easily preventable illnesses
  • People and their pets are able to continue enjoying the benefits of companionship
  • Greater community awareness and appreciation for responsible animal ownership
  • Reducing the cost burden on local government of providing reactive services

Through our community outreach work, RSPCA Victoria wants to make education and good pet welfare accessible to everyone in the community.

We know that lack of accessible veterinary care, limited transport options, a shortage of pet-friendly housing and lack of education can all be barriers that may impact someone’s ability to provide their pet with the necessary care. Our community outreach team works to help break down these barriers to achieve the best welfare outcomes.

At RSPCA Victoria, we believe that strong bonds between people and their pets make for stronger communities. The proven emotional, mental and physical benefits of pet ownership highlight the importance of proactive community outreach, and we believe that keeping pets and people together is often the best outcome for the animal, their owners, and the community.

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