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Our team includes 34 vets plus caring vet nurses, who are experts in animal health. With an average of 14 years’ experience per vet, you can rest assured your pet is getting expert care. Our vets stay up-to-date with best practice medicine and treatments by attending twice weekly education sessions and regular workshops. 

RSPCA is the most trusted voice for animals in Victoria, and you can rest easy knowing your furry or feathered friend is receiving the best care and advice available from our vet clinics. 

We love getting to know your pets, so it’s only fair you get to know us in return!

Dr Supanee

Expert Veterinary Surgeon

BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Unusual Pets)

Dr Supanee is committed to providing care and love to her pocket pet patients. 

She aspires to empower owners to have a better understanding of their pet’s needs while fostering a deeper appreciation for their overall health and well-being.

Special Interests: Pocket pets – rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and ferrets.

Language(s):English, Mandarin and conversational Thai. 

Pets: Three bossy Netherland Dwarves – TeddyBun, TotoBun and SushiBun.

Dr Erin



A lifelong lover of animals, Dr Erin strives to improve quality of life and provide the best outcome for her patients. 

Her genuine care and passion shines through as she helps educate her clients on how to achieve the best for their pets. 

Special Interests: Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Language(s): English

Dr Kiki


Department Leader of Inspectorate and Welfare

BVSc MS(Animal Welfare)

Dr Kiki is committed to providing a high standard of care for both the animals and owners who come with them. 

Driven by her passion for animals, Dr Kiki loves watching our shelter animals recover from an illness or injury and find their forever home. 

Special Interests: Dr Kiki treats all companion animals.

Language(s): English 

Hobbies: Dr Kiki enjoys reading, catching up with friends and working towards her goal of travelling somewhere new every year. 

Dr Christina

Expert Veterinarian (Animal Welfare)

BVSc, Grad Cert (Shelter Medicine)

Dr Christina has been with the RSPCA Victoria team for over 10 years, and loves being a vet! 

From changing a bandage to performing surgery, she believes veterinary medicine is a science, but also an art. 

Dr Christina also loves advocating for animals in the community and getting them to their forever homes. 

Special Interests: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats. 

Language(s): English and Mandarin.

Dr Fiona



Dr Fiona is a passionate Veterinarian bringing years of experience to the RSPCA Victoria team. 

She loves working with likeminded people to contribute to a greater cause; using science to help people and their animals live happier, healthier lives. 

Special Interests: Dr Fiona treats all animals. 

Language(s): English 

Fun Facts: Dr Fiona has worked all over our beautiful country providing health services, from remote outback Aboriginal Communities to the State Government assisting with animal health policy and planning. 

Dr Yan



Dr Yan’s deep love for animals fuelled her desire to become a veterinarian. She is motivated to educate pet owners on the importance of preventative health and guide them towards a proactive approach to their pet’s wellbeing. 

She takes great care in ensuring a positive and stress-free experience for every patient, and enhancing the lives of our beloved companions. 

Special Interests: Cats, dogs, pocket pets – rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Language(s): English, conversational Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Hobbies: Yan shares her life with a charming feline companion named Tigro. You can often find Yan exploring the outdoors and hiking with friends, which is also an adventure that Tigro eagerly joins. 

Dr Vincent



Dr Vincent is currently in his second year as a vet and enjoying every second! 

He loves the variety of animals he treats and is proud to provide care for those who cannot speak for themselves. Watching our shelter animals get adopted as healthy companion pets is why he loves working at RSPCA Victoria. 

Special Interests: Cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, as well as rodents, birds, sheep and goats. 

Language(s): English and Cantonese. 

Hobbies: Drawing, snowboarding and cooking (he’s still learning how not to burn the kitchen down!) 

Dr Ruth


BVSc(hons) MANZCVS (Avian Medicine)

Dr Ruth has been a Veterinarian with RSPCA for 10 years. 

She loves being an advocate for animals and is passionate about helping people, families and the community through improving the human-animal bond. 

Special Interests: Avian medicine and surgery, and small mammals. 

Language(s): English and conversational Spanish. 

Hobbies: Reading, dance classes, and family life with her fur, feather and human children. 

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