How enrichment toys can benefit pets

We lead busy lives and are often away from our pets for long periods of time. Just like humans, dogs and cats like to be kept entertained and can become bored without enough to do. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviours and even seperation anxiety.

As well as regular walks and exercise, it’s important to provide mental enrichment and stimulation.

What is enrichment?

Enrichment refers to the principal of providing environmental stimuli to satisfy an animals natural instincts, promoting physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Enrichment can be provided through different types of play and toys. Here are our top enrichment toys for cats and dogs:

Enrichment for dogs

Kong Dog Toys
The original Kong toy has been loved by dogs for more than 40 years. Available in several sizes and rubber strengths, from puppies through to seniors, Kong toys teach appropriate chewing behaviour while offering enrichment, satisfying a dogs desire to forage for food and feature an erratic bounce that dogs love to play and chase.
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LickiMat Enrichment Feeders
LickiMat feeders help calm and soothe pets as they enjoy their favourite treat by helping to release endorphins through the promotion of licking. They are excellent for reducing boredom and anxiety, helping calm pets during stressful times, including thunderstorms, fireworks, bath time and vet visits.
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Nina Ottosson Puzzle Feeders
Puzzles offer excellent boredom busters to dogs to reduce destructive behaviours. Available in a range of styles, the puzzles will challenge your dog to discover treats through problem solving and exciting hudden rewards.
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Enrichment for cats

Kong Kitty Kong Treat Dispenser 
The Kong Kitty Kong is a treat dispenser that allows cats to explore their natural hunting instincts as they roll, bat and bounce to retrieve a delicious treat.
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Cat Scratchers 
Cat scratches encourage cats and kittens to engage in physical activity, increase mobility and reduce energy. Scratching encourages instinctual behaviours while also removing dead layers from your cat’s claws. Scratches also reduce desire to scratch furniture and carpets.
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Nina Ottosson Puzzle Feeder for cats
Puzzles offer excellent boredom busters for cats to reduce destructive behaviours. This treat hiding game is ideal for keeping your cat entertained and provides enrichment by appealing to your cats natural foraging behaviours.
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Check with your vet

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RSPCA Victoria also offers a full suite of pet behaviour services from our Good Pet Behaviour Centre at Burwood. For more information, visit

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