RSPCA Donor Promise

The RSPCA was first established in 1871 to improve the welfare of horses in Melbourne. In 2021, we marked 150 years of caring for and protecting animals with the support of community members like you.

Our supporters remain the lifeblood of our organisation. Despite the strides made in animal welfare across Victoria in our history, we know that there is still more to accomplish and together with our supporters, we’re committed to achieving our vision of ending cruelty to animals. RSPCA Victoria’s work is made possible by our generous donors and we’ve been shaped and supported by a passionate and kind community, motivated by their love for animals and dedicated to their welfare. 

Our promise to our donors is:

Make A Difference
Your passion for animal welfare will be reflected in our dedication and hard work.
You will always know the impact of your gift and will have full access to RSPCA state and territory annual reports.
Your wishes and requests will be listened to and acted upon wherever possible.
Your relationship and interactions with us will be based on mutual respect.
Be Responsible
Your gifts will be used to fund the most vital work across the state.
Protect Your Information
Your personal information will never be sold or traded to other charity brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the funds go? How are our programs funded?

From every $1 RSPCA Victoria raises, we invest 78 cents to benefit the animals in our care through our work to achieve outstanding animal welfare through education, advocacy, animal care and protection. We invest 13 cents to raise the next $1 and the remaining 9 cents is invested to ensure we have the talented people, infrastructure, and systems we need to manage and deliver our programs for animals. You can read more about our work and finances in our annual reports.

Is the Board of RSPCA Victoria remunerated?

RSPCA Victoria Board members generously volunteer their time and experience at our highest level of governance to help improve the lives of animals in our care and steer our organisation on its vision of ending cruelty to animals. We simply wouldn’t be able to do our important work without our dedicated volunteer base who work across the entire organisation.

Why does RSPCA Victoria need donations from the public?

RSPCA Victoria is a charity that relies on the kindness and generosity of animal lovers to continue our life-saving animal welfare work. Our shelters care for thousands of animals every year and our Inspectors are on the road every day, rescuing animals in need from cruelty and neglect.

We do not accept gifts from organisations or individuals who are involved in animal-related activities which are at odds with RSPCA animal welfare policy and positions. If you would like more information on our funding, you can view our annual reports here.

Where can I find information on how to make a bequest to RSPCA Victoria?

Please visit our Bequests Page to learn more about leaving a gift in your Will or about our Happily Ever After program.

If you would like to discuss in more depth about leaving a gift in your Will, please get in touch with our Gift in Will Manager Kate Hoelter on (03) 9224 2586 or email

Can I make my donation as a tribute in memory of someone?

Yes, after the loss of a loved one or a furry friend you may find comfort in donating to RSPCA Victoria or creating a tribute page to help animals in need across Victoria. A perfect way to celebrate the life of a beloved pet or an animal lover.

Please visit our Tribute and In Memory page for more information.

Can my wedding or birthday guests donate to RSPCA Victoria in lieu of gifts?

Yes! You can give the most important gift of all to the animals in our care, a second chance at a happy life! Ask your friends and family to donate in lieu of gifts at your celebration by setting up an online fundraising page or by collecting physical donations at your event.

Please visit our In Celebration page for more information.

I would like to speak to someone about my fundraising?

Please give the RSPCA Events and Community Fundraising team a call on 03 9224 2564 or send an email to to discuss all things fundraising!

I want to contact someone about my donation to RSPCA Victoria.

Please email or call us Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm on 03 9222 2538.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Shortly after you make a single donation, your tax receipt will be emailed or sent to you in the post depending on your preference. For regular monthly gifts, a tax receipt listing all regular donations for the financial year will be issued in early July.

Can I choose what communications I receive from RSPCA Victoria?

Yes, to update your communication preferences please email or call us Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm on 03 9222 2538.

How can I find out my supporter number?

Your supporter ID is a unique 5 or 6 digit number that belongs to you and helps us keep your donation history under one record. Your supporter ID can be found above your name in the address field on letter from us. Alternatively, please email or call us Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm on 03 9222 2538. We may ask you for identifying information such as phone number, address and email to confirm we have the right person.

How can I make changes to my monthly donation?

To make any changes to your monthly donation, please call our Fundraising team on 03 9224 2538 during the hours 9am-5pm (AEST) or email anytime.

As a monthly donor, on what dates will my donation be taken out?

Our monthly donations are currently processed on the 16th of each month. To make any changes to your donation, please contact us at least two business days prior to the 16th to allow us to apply the request. Please call our Fundraising team on 03 9224 2538 during the hours 9am-5pm (AEST) or email anytime.

Why does RSPCA Victoria put so much emphasis on having regular donors?

With less than 10% government funding, we rely almost solely on the goodwill of the community to rescue and care for animals at risk of cruelty and neglect. The regular contributions of our monthly donors ensure that we can plan our ongoing operations and effectively carry out our mission towards ending animal cruelty.

When many people come together for vulnerable animals with a regular gift – whether it be big or small – the impact is truly lifesaving.

RSPCA Victoria Donations Refund Policy

Any request for refund of contributions already donated to RSPCA Victoria by a donor will be considered and determined on a case by case basis. Refunds will be returned to the bank account originally debited.

When a request for a refund is received, an assessment of the reason given for the refund request will be undertaken by a member of the Supporter Relations team. The following reasons will usually be considered favourably:

  • Your payment details were used fraudulently by another entity.
  • Donations were made after you requested to cancel your recurring donation. You must provide evidence of the request and RSPCA Victoria requires 14 days notice of request to cancel.
  • An error has been made by RSPCA Victoria.

Refunds may be approved for financial hardship reasons. This is at the discretion of RSPCA Victoria, and the maximum refund amount we can provide is the amount of your most recent debit.

Refunds may be approved if you intended to give a one-off donation online but a regular donation was started accidentally. The maximum refund amount we can provide is the amount of your most recent debit.

Where a situation does not fit into the above criteria we will consult with the Head of Fundraising to resolve the matter.

In all instances RSPCA Victoria will not refund past the current tax year, unless there are special circumstances that are agreed with the Head of Fundraising.

How to request a refund

If you wish to request a refund, please call our Fundraising team on 03 9224 2538 during the hours 9am-5pm (AEST) or email anytime. We will need your name, email, phone, supporter number if possible, the date of the donation(s) you would like refunded and reason for the refund.

Upon receipt we will review your request and endeavour to respond to you within two business days. If the request is accepted, we will process the refund as soon as possible. Please note that it may take 10-14 business days until a refund reaches your account.

If a donor is not satisfied with the outcome of the decision to refund, a further request can be escalated to the Head of Finance by letter or e-mail.

If a donation is refunded, the associated tax receipt is no longer valid and should be securely destroyed. Please note it is your responsibility to submit correct receipts to the ATO (Australia Taxation Office).