RSPCA Animal Office Visits

RSPCA Victoria’s Animal Office Visits is a therapeutic animal program that brings dogs, cats and other small creatures to your workplace to help boost the morale and wellbeing of your team!

This opportunity is a wonderful way to highlight the special human-animal bond and bringing animals into the office has proven to create a range of mental health and therapeutic benefits to employees.

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to boost engagement within your team; or on the hunt for a way to give back to the community and enjoy a fun team-building activity at the same time – RSPCA Victoria Animal Office Visits might be just what you’re looking for!

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What will staff get with an RSPCA Animal Office Visit?

When you sign up for an RSPCA Victoria Animal Office Visit, over the course of 90 minutes your team will:

  • Get to enjoy spending time with (and scratching and patting) an animal or two
  • Hear from an RSPCA Inspector about their important work protecting animals from cruelty (subject to Inspector availability)
  • Learn more about how the RSPCA’s different initiatives work towards ending cruelty to all animals
  • Take part in a fun volunteer activity that will help real animals at an RSPCA shelter
  • Leave with a take home pack full of RSPCA goodies!

Plus, your business will receive a framed certificate of appreciation and photos of the visit to enjoy and share.

Overall, the aim of our Animals Office Visits is to increase engagement with your staff and provide them with an exciting team-building activity that can lift morale and bring a smile (or many) to everyone’s faces by enjoying the incredible bond between humans and our furry friends.

Register for an RSPCA Office Visit today!

Will boost morale!

Did you know that around 62% of Australian households have at least one pet, making us one of the most ‘pet-mad’ countries in the world. It’s no surprise when you consider that having animals around brings happiness, joy and improves mental health and wellbeing.
So why leave all those benefits at home when we can bring them to your office? Book your visit from RSPCA Victoria (and some of our four-legged friends) today!
For more information about Animal Office Visits and associated costs, please register your interest today!

Register for an RSPCA Office Visit today!

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