Where do I find my pet’s microchip number?

Unless you have your pet’s microchip number on file, it can only be obtained by having your pet scanned at a veterinary clinic with a microchip scanner.

I have my pet’s microchip and registry details, now what?

If you have your pet’s registry details, you can simply contact the register and ask them to update your file. You will find a list of all registers here. Remember to update your details with your local council as well.

Getting your pet scanned for their microchip details

Call your local vet to check that they have a microchip scanner before going; if not, ask them for the details of the nearest microchip scanner facility. Ask your vet for the microchip number and the name of the register that your pet is listed with (there are several). They may be able to update your details on the spot.

Which microchip registry is my pet is on?

There are many microchip registries. To check which registry your pet is listed with, use the following steps:

  1. Visit www.petaddress.com.au and enter your pet’s microchip number. This site hosts a search engine to search multiple registers at once. If you get a result, it will give you the contact details for the register that your pet is listed with.
  2. If you do not have success finding your pet’s record using petaddress.com.au, you have two options;
    1. Contact each register individually with your pet’s microchip number to see if they have your record
    2. Take your pet to a vet with a microchip scanner and have the microchip scanned for the number and register.

If you require further information or help on microchipping, please call 03 9224 2222.

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