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Pet ownership is a privilege, and one that should never be taken lightly. Having a pet is a big responsibility, whether they’re a tiny mouse or a horse. Always do your research so you can be the best pet owner pawssible.

Lots of animal species are invited into homes. Common pets like dogs and cats make up the largest population, but there are lots of other animals like small rodents, insects and fish that can make great pets when properly cared for.

Before getting a pet

Before picking out a new buddy, consider adopting from a shelter. These animals are waiting to be rescued by a new owner, maybe you can provide the loving home they deserve.

Adopt a pet

Buying a pet

When buying a pet, always ask lots of questions and walk away if you are unsure. Be aware of pet breeding practices, where animals are not treated with the care and respect they deserve. If you can’t visit the location the animal lives at before buying, or the animals on site are living in poor conditions, it’s not the right place for you to get your new pet. If you suspect animals are being mistreated, report it to the RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate.

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The responsibilities of pet ownership

Every type of pet comes with different care requirements that must be fulfilled if they are to thrive. Be the best owner you can by always doing thorough research before bringing home a new pet.

Small rodents

Small rodents like rats are ideal if you’re looking for a low cost pet. They can also be ideal for kids and homes short on space. Like any pet, learn everything you can so you’re the best owner for your new little friend.

Insects and arachnids

If you’re looking for a less intensive pet option that looks out of this world, consider adopting an insect or arachnid. Here are some options:

  • Spiny leaf stick insect
  • Burrowing Cockroach
  • Praying Mantis
  • Rhinoceros Beetle
  • Australian Featherleg Tarantula

These creatures all have their own set of diet, housing and environmental requirements to keep them healthy in your home. Always do your homework when taking on any new pet to ensure they have everything they need to thrive.


There’s something serene about watching fish going about their lives. Available in many colours, sizes and species, pet fish are a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your life, but they are still a big responsibility. Water temperature, acidity and nitrate levels may need regular checking, the tank will need cleaning and your fish’s overall health will need regular monitoring.

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Your pet and the law

As an owner you are legally responsible for any harm or damages caused by your pet.

Pet owners should be aware of the Victorian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and what offenses are punishable by law. Additionally, local governments may have their own legislation that specifies additional requirements of owning your pet. Contact your local municipality to find out more.

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