Our 2030 strategy

In July 2024, we launched our 2030 strategy to focus our minds and efforts on how to make Victoria a better place for all animals.  

We’ve thought deeply about where we can make the greatest impact on animal welfare. About how to harness the capability and commitment of our people, our supporters’ passion and determination and the services we offer.  

As the only not-for-profit agency with the power to enforce animal welfare legislation, we are here to help the abused and neglected animals rescued by our inspectors. But we want to help more animals across Victoria. To give more animals in need of a second chance a forever home.  

We want to do more to prevent animal cruelty and neglect before it happens. Arming Victorians with the knowledge they need to make it happen. And supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community to keep their pets and care for them well.  

We’ll work with government and other organisations to press for stronger animal welfare laws and regulations and improved practices so that all Victoria’s animals have a better chance at a good life.  

Our vision is to end cruelty to all animals. Our work is about making this vision a reality.

Download our full 2030 strategy

Download our 2030 strategy plan on a page and 2024-25 priorities