Seasonal changes and your pet

Victoria sure likes it hot in summer, but many pets don’t share the enthusiasm. As a responsible pet parent’, it’s your job to make sure they stay happy, healthy and safe in the heat.

Be summer ready

Different pets have different needs when it comes to the summer months, but there are some basics that apply to all:

  • Keep your pet indoors on hot days if possible.
  • Provide plenty of fresh, cool water in multiple locations – make sure bowls are sturdy and can’t be knocked over.
  • Provide cool, shady areas throughout the day.
  • Only walk or exercise your pet in the cooler parts of the day – make sure to check the temperature of the ground to avoid burnt paw pads.
  • Small pools to bathe in (like plastic shell pools) are often welcome and fun.
  • If pale skin or light fur is exposed, cover it up or use animal-specific sunscreen.
  • Frozen blocks of food or water can be a fun way for pets to cool down.

Keeping your furry friends cool during the summer takes planning. Start early, getting all the supplies you need before the first heat strikes. You may need to clear some space in your home for pets that usually live outside, create shady areas in your garden, or book your pet in for a trim at the groomers

Grooming services

Thunderstorms and fireworks

Bushfires, flooding, giant hail storms and wild winds – it’s best to have a plan in Victoria. Be ready for emergencies and keep the whole family safe.

Emergency assistance

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