Volunteering with RSPCA Victoria Op Shops

We cannot operate our op shops without the help of our amazing volunteers. Whether you have two hours or more to spare, your contribution will be invaluable.

Volunteering at an RSPCA Victoria Op Shop is a fantastic way to help animals in need, develop your customer service skills, connect with the community, and meet new friends and fellow animal lovers!

Our stores rely on volunteers to assist with customer service, sales, visual merchandising, sorting donations and replenishing stock.

Benefits of Volunteering with Us

As an RSPCA Victoria Op Shop volunteer, you’ll benefit from:

  • Learning key retail skills including Point of Sale (POS) terminal knowledge and customer service
  • Meeting new friends and being a part of an awesome community
  • Making a difference in the lives of animals
  • Generous discounts at RSPCA Victoria retail stores

Become an Op Shop Volunteer

We’re always looking for volunteers to join our stores throughout Victoria. If you’re interested in joining one of our teams, we’d love for you to get in touch with us!

    Meet One of Our Volunteers

    Why Volunteer with Us? Here’s What Our Team Has to Say

    “I love meeting and connecting with my people in my community. Knowing that I’m raising funds for animals in need is incredibly rewarding.”

    “It’s been a fantastic way to meet people and gain valuable work experience to re-enter the workforce after maternity leave.”

    “I wanted to spend my free time helping animals in need after adopting my rescue dogs. Helping people find the perfect item is so rewarding!”

    “I go home so happy and mentally fulfilled and have met so many wonderful people who have become friends.”

    Common FAQs

    How do I become an op shop volunteer?

    Volunteering with RSPCA Victoria Op Shops is a rich and rewarding experience as well as helping animals in need. We would love to know more about you by submitting a short and simple form here.

    How long do I have to commit for?

    There is no minimum hours for volunteering, whether it’s two hours or a full day each week or certain periods, we need all the help we can get. We acknowledge that the level of commitment vary depending on your personal circumstances such as study, work and family commitments.

    What is the minimum age for volunteering?

    The minimum age for volunteering is 18.

    Do I need to do a police check?

    We do not require any National Police Check when you volunteer with us.

    Will I receive training?

    We welcome individuals with or without any retail background. We will support and provide the necessary training for you in areas of customer service, sales, stock processing, merchandising and retail display as well as all aspects of the retail store operation. If there is anything else you would like to be trained in, please feel free to have a chat with our friendly and experienced store managers.