Products To Help With Your Pet’s Mood

When your pet has explored every inch of your home, sniffed at every corner and climbed all the blinds, life can get a little boring. If your pet is restless, grumpy and exhibiting unwanted behaviour, it might be worth checking out some products to enrich their environment.

There are lots of products on the market designed to keep your pet entertained, slow down feeding and challenge little minds. Kong and Nina Ottosson products are designed for stimulation and built for durability – luckily they’re stocked in RSPCA Victoria’s online store!

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Toys for moody cats

Cats like to get their little claws into everything, solve puzzles and always be on the hunt. Fire up fluffy minds with toys that are easy to move and chase, keeping their attention sharp.

Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play – Nina Ottosson


Wake up your kitten and get them moving with this interactive game. Hide your cat’s treats and make them work for something tasty.

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The Cat Wobbler – Kong


Banish the boredom with some wobbler action. Hide treats inside and let your cat create their own fun playtime with bonus tasty treats.

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Hunt N’ Swat Treat Tumblers – Nina Ottosson


Cats chase mice right? Well this wobbling treat dispenser sure looks like one and will have your cat chasing for treats in no time.

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Toys for grumpy dogs

Doggos can get very destructive when they’re bored. Save your furniture by keeping their brains occupied with these top three enrichment toys.

Dog Tornado – Nina Ottosson


A unique puzzle that gets tails wagging and keeps minds occupied – with compartments to hide your doggo’s favourite treats, this is one fun way to feed your pooch.

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The Spinner – Kong


Slow down feeding time with this barrel-shaped treat dispenser, making your dog work harder for a snack.

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The Dog Brick Puzzle Game – Nina Ottosson


Combat boredom and keep doggy minds sharp by hiding treats in this neat puzzle game. Specially designed for your dog’s paw, this one is sure to get tails wagging.

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All these toys are recommended by the pet behaviour specialists at RSPCA Victoria. Environmental enrichment is vitally important for your pet’s wellbeing and to keep little minds entertained throughout the day.

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