Puppy School

RSPCA Victoria has partnered with K9 Connect to offer Puppy School at our Burwood East centre. Run by two experienced animal behaviourists, K9 Connect focuses on improving dog welfare and education with a modern, science-based, positive reinforcement training option.

K9 Connect will offer two classes, Power Up Pup and Starter’s Obedience, on Monday nights.


Power Up Pup

This class is all about getting started on the right paw and is the first step of your dog’s training journey. Whether you have had a puppy before, or are starting off training for the first time, the Power Up Pup program is a great place to begin.


When: Mondays 5:45pm-6:45pm

Cost: $140 for 4 weeks

Ages: Designed for dogs 8-16 weeks. Up to 10 pups per class

Where: RSPCA Burwood, 3 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East VIC 3151


This program covers a variety of skill sets including:

• Socialisation and exposure to lots of experiences
• Fun bond-building games for you and your pup
• Lifestyle manners
• Training obedience skills
• How to start building focus and attention

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Starter’s Obedience

This program is designed to help begin the training journey and build connection and communication for you and your dog. Starter’s Obedience is all about building life skills and manners in a fun and enjoyable class.


When: Mondays 7:00pm-8:00pm

Cost: $160 for 4 weeks

Ages: Over 12 months of age. Up to 10 pups per class

Where: RSPCA Burwood, 3 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East VIC 3151


Some of the skills covered in this class are:

• Sit, Stand, Drop
• Basic lifestyle manners
• Loose Leash walking
• Building the connection between you and your dog

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To learn more and book your place, visit K9 Connect or call (03) 9886 7768. Spots are strictly limited!