Culturally and linguistically diverse communities

RSPCA Victoria is committed to supporting all Victorians. As part of our community outreach initiatives, essential information for pet owners is being translated into commonly spoken languages so animal welfare education is accessible to all. 

Keep checking back for more translations as this project progresses.

Italian / Italiano
What is cruelty? / Italian translation Desexing your pet / Italian translation Parvovirus in dogs / Italian translation Panleukopenia in cats / Italian translation Cat flu / Italian translation


Simplified Chinese / Simplified Chinese translation
What is cruelty? / Simplified Chinese translation Desexing your pet / Simplified Chinese translation Parvovirus in dogs / Simplified Chinese translation Panleukopenia in cats / Simplified Chinese translation Cat flu / Simplified Chinese translation


Greek / Greek translation
What is cruelty? / Greek translation Desexing your pet / Greek translation Parvovirus in dogs / Greek translation Panleukopenia in cats / Greek translation Cat flu / Greek translation


Hindi / Hindi translation
What is cruelty? / Hindi translation Desexing your pet / Hindi translation Parvovirus in dogs / Hindi translation Panleukopenia in cats / Hindi translation Cat flu / Hindi translation


Punjabi  / Punjabi translation
What is cruelty? / Punjabi translation Desexing your pet / Punjabi translation Parvovirus in dogs / Punjabi translation Panleukopenia in cats / Punjabi translation Cat flu / Punjabi translation


Vietnamese | Vietnamese translation
Desexing your pet / Vietnamese translation


What is cruelty? Desexing your pet Parvovirus in dogs Panleukopenia in cats Cat flu