Good pet behaviour

From Chaos to Calm 

Stressed out by your pet’s behaviour?  You’ve come to the right place.  

Through our Good Pet Behaviour program, RSPCA’s team of animal behaviour experts offer effective, customised solutions to your pet’s problem behaviours

Our qualified pet behaviour specialists and veterinarians are dedicated to finding solutions to behaviour problems and building and maintaining happy relationships between pets and their families. We offer strategies that result in real, lasting change. When you book in with us, you’ll work with experts at RSPCA who offer a comprehensive service that includes physical and mental health assessments, behaviour modification strategies and customised treatment plans that suits your pet and your family’s needs.

If you are a animal rescue or shelter, discounts are offered. Please enquire for further details.

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Good Pet Behaviour Veterinarians

Our Good Pet Behaviour Veterinarians are trained to deal effectively with problem dog, cat and bird behaviour problems. They can diagnose medical issues affecting behaviour and treat mental health problems in pets. They may prescribe medications and supplements to help improve behaviour and your pet’s quality of life and will work alongside your behaviour consultant in developing your personalized training and behaviour modification program.  

The veterinary team is lead by a Veterinary Specialist in Animal Behaviour, Dr. Gabrielle Carter. She is one of less than 100 veterinarians in the world with this qualification and skill set and has 18 years of experience in this field to share with you.  

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Good Pet Behaviour Consultants

Our Good Pet Behaviour Consultants are not only qualified and experienced trainers but have a deep understanding of animal behaviour and how to change it.

They will be your mentors, teaching you skills, helping you over hurdles and celebrating your success.

Your consultant will develop a behaviour modification and training program that will work for you and your pet.

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Our Services

Living with your pets challenging behaviour can be disappointing, frustrating, embarrassing, and sometimes scary. Together we can make change and look forward to a calmer, relaxed and happier future.  

We provide friendly and supportive services to you and your pet. We take a fearfree approach to training and behaviour modification and will be with you throughout the journey.

We will never use force, fear, intimidation or pain to achieve your goals. Instead, you and your pet can look forward to relaxed and stressfree strategies.