Cats and kittens

Cats are pawsitively perfect. Those bright round eyes, snuggly fur and cute little pink beans make them a great addition to any lap. Kitties steal our hearts with their fierce independence and quirky personalities, but with cat ownership comes great responsibility.

Research is the key to being a pawsome cat owner, so learn as much as you can before bringing home a feline friend.

Before getting a cat

There are over 40 breeds of cat recognised in Australia, each with their own set of needs and traits. If you’re considering bringing home a cat, think carefully about the breed that will fit best into your lifestyle. Cross breeds also make wonderful pets and can be a mixed bag of physical and personality traits – get the best of everything!

RSPCA Victoria adoption centres have lots of cats and kittens waiting for new homes. Be part of the animal welfare solution by adopting a cat.

Adopt a cat

Buying a cat

If you’re buying a cat from a registered breeder, always ask lots of questions and make sure the welfare of the animal is of greatest concern. RSPCA Victoria advises against purchasing from commercially driven businesses as welfare is often not a priority. If you suspect mistreatment of any animal, tip off the RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate.

Tip off

The responsibilities of cat ownership

Cats are among the longest living pets, so they are a big commitment. To learn all about being an amazing cat parent, here are a few of our top tips to get you started. You can find comprehensive advice at the bottom of the page.

  • Register your cat.
  • Use a collar, ID Tag and microchip to easily identify your cat.
  • Vaccinate your cat as advised by your vet.
  • Take your cat to a vet if they are sick or injured.
  • Maintain a worming and flea regime.
  • Provide a balanced diet.
  • Provide quiet, comfortable sleeping areas.
  • Provide environmental enrichment.
  • Provide the opportunity to exercise.
  • Prevent your cat from running away.
  • Groom your cat as needed.
  • Desex your cat if not breeding.
  • Be financially able to provide for your cat.
  • Know your legal obligations.
  • Complete basic training.
  • Protect your cat from harm.
  • Give lots of love and attention.

Your cat and the law

Any prospective pet owner should be aware of the Victorian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and offenses that are punishable by law.

Local councils often have their own legislation regarding cat ownership. Before bringing a cat home, contact your municipality and find out the full range of obligations you are required to adhere to by law.

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