Emergency Appeals

At RSPCA Victoria, we do all we can for the animals in our care. This includes those who need emergency treatment and surgery. We never give up on these animals, but as a community-funded charity, we can’t afford to provide this emergency care without your help.

By donating to our Animal Emergency Appeals, you’re helping provide these animals with the urgent treatment they need, and giving them a second chance at finding a loving home.

Meet the animals who most urgently need your help.


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Brought in as a battered stray, Laurell still had so much love to give.

Sweet Laurell arrived to our shelter clinic with severe injuries. Her eye was bulging, her jaw was fractured, and she had severe internal injuries. Our Vets determined she had likely been hit by a car and was in a lot of pain.

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After 14 days locked away without food or water, Lilly didn’t have much time left.

When Lilly was found, Inspector Jeremy could see she had painful conjunctivitis in both eyes and her fur was completely matted. But her condition was far worse than what could be initially seen.

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Inspector Jackson found her just before her wound became seriously infected.

Ella recently came into our care at only a few weeks of age, with 6 other cats and kittens when Inspector Jackson investigated a report of cats living in unsafe conditions. Living in a dirty and poorly ventilated 3x3m shed.

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Out of all 80 surrendered, Hockey required the most medical attention.

Hockey is a sweet, shy bunny who, along with Dunk and 78 other Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, was surrendered into RSPCA Victoria’s care via our Inspectorate following a cruelty report.

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Despite his early life and his disabilities, he is just the sweetest thing.

Pirate was surrendered to Inspector Kath after his owner could not give him the care he needed. Born deaf and with a painful eye defect, Pirate has only known life confined to a tether with limited socialisation.

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Shenzi was the smallest of her litter and needed the most care.

Only weeks old, Shenzi and her siblings were found abandoned in a box on a remote property. Without the ability to even fend for themselves, they were luckily discovered in time and were soon in the care of RSPCA. .

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