Adoption Pen Sponsorship

When your business sponsors an adoption pen at RSPCA Victoria, you’ll be helping provide a safe space for up to 10 animals a year, while they wait for their forever home. They’ll received a full vet check – including a microchip, parasite treatment and vaccinations; a warm and dry bed; fresh water and nutritious meals; enrichment toys and exercise; and plenty of love and pats.

They’ll also benefit from our two step-match making process to find them a suitable loving forever home.

Adoption Pen Sponsorship benefits

When you sign up to sponsor an RSPCA adoption pen, there are a range of benefits you’ll receive – as well as supporting animals to find their new families!

  • Co-branded sponsor board in your pen with your own chosen key messages
  • One co-promoted, personalised sponsor animal video feature per year, plus a co-branded image of your sponsored animal and approved copy for you to help spread the word (alongside RSPCA Victoria) via social media, email and on your website.
  • The chance to help an animal resident of your pen to find their forever home each year by sharing their co-branded adoption profile with your networks alongside RSPCA Victoria.
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How to sponsor an adoption pen

You design your sponsor board with your preferred image and content based on set dimensions provided by RSPCA Victoria.
Sponsorships are for 12 months, with an easy annual rollover process for each year your company would like to support. Once your sponsor board is installed in your pen, it stays in place for every year that you renew.
Your company can choose to sponsor a dog or cat adoption pen or sponsor our entire small animal (rabbits, guinea pigs) adoption area.

How much does it cost?

An RSPCA Victoria Adoption Pen Sponsorship costs $10,000+ GST per annum, plus a once-off creation and install fee of $1,500+GST for your sponsor board by our preferred supplier.

Buster’s Adoption Journey – Bell & Bone Adoption Pen Sponsor

For more information on how your business can sponsor an RSPCA Victoria adoption pen, please contact or call us on (03) 9224 2273.

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