Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series


(Promoting Animal Welfare with Schools)

FREE enrichment program for high ability students

The Victorian Challenge & Enrichment Series (VCES) provides funded extension activities for high-ability students in Victorian government schools from foundation to year 10. As an education partner, RSPCA Victoria will deliver PAWS, Promoting Animal Welfare with Schools through programs for students.

Schools can nominate students to participate in activities within the series according to their abilities and interests.  Foundation – Year 2, Year 3 – 6, and Year 7 – 10 students can access these free sessions until Term 4, 2025.

The sessions will run for 4 hours (Foundation- Year 2) and 5.5 hours for (Years 3 – 6 and 7 – 10) onsite at RSPCA Education Centre and Barn in Burwood East.

Session content is tailored to each age group, with an underlying theme of animal welfare and advocacy to end cruelty to all animals.

What will be covered:

  • Meet at RSPCA Burwood East for a day of animal experiences.
  • Visit the education barn and meet some of the rescued farm animals who reside there.
  • Tour the adoption centre and view the animals awaiting new homes.
  • Students develop their understanding of ethical concepts through Investigation of age-appropriate animal rescue case studies and discover how RSPCA was able to help in each case.
  • RSPCA educators will guide students through planning out their chosen actions to help animals.

Curriculum links:

RSPCA Education school programs are curriculum linked.

The PAWS sessions address areas such as:

Science:  Living Things

Humanities:  Civics and Citizenship

Critical and Creative Thinking

Ethical Capability


We’re excited to announce our upcoming program that’s designed to fit your schedule. We’ve pre-allocated some fantastic dates, but we understand that everyone’s calendar is unique. That’s why we’re offering you the flexibility to choose dates that work best for you.

Option 1: Pre-Allocated Dates

Explore our carefully selected dates that are already set for the program. These dates are perfect for those who are ready to dive in!

Option 2: Your Preferred Dates

Have specific dates in mind? No problem! We’re here to accommodate your preferences. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll work together to find dates that match your schedule.


Registrations are open to teachers at government schools only.

However, information on the series and RSPCA sessions are available for public viewing on the ARC website.

If you have any questions relating to the RSPCA Promoting Animal Welfare with Schools VCES sessions, please contact RSPCA Education: or (03) 9224 2286.

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