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There are a range of ways your business can support RSPCA’s important vision of ending cruelty to all animals. Together with you, we can achieve outstanding animal welfare through education, advocacy, animal care and protection.

Through our various corporate opportunities, we can help to elevate your brand, engage your employees and contribute greatly to your corporate social responsibility.

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Animal Advocates Team-Building Program

If you’re looking for an online or face-to-face team-building program for up to 100 people that is fun, cost-effective and for a good cause, our Animal Advocates program may be for you! Our Animal Advocates program mixes team building with corporate volunteering.

Developed by our friends at Team Building with Purpose and hosted by professional facilitators, RSPCA Victoria’s Animal Advocates program includes interactive, fast-paced simulation exercises and thought-provoking discussions that promote teamwork, increase empathy and create more open minds.

What do you get?

  • A strong team with greater appreciation of their colleagues.
  • Stronger connections, giving your team a sense of purpose and boosting staff morale.
  • A fun, engaging and memorable experience that your team will remember.
  • An insider’s perspective on the challenges the RSPCA face in the care, protection, rescue and rehabilitation of animals in Australia.
  • Increased social impact by supporting one of Australia’s favourite and most well-known charities.
  • Offering online and face-to-face team building for 10-100 people that is fun, cost-effective and for a good cause.

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