Pet Behaviour Services

Welcome to our pet behaviour hub

Our expert behaviourists utilise tried-and-true methods for managing many common pet behaviour problems, as well as teaching you the tools for evaluating situations that may require more help. Through our three behavioural services – Good Pet Behaviour, Puppy School and Pet Behaviour Helpline – we provide both remote and face-to-face solutions to assist you in getting to the bottom of your pet’s behaviours.

Whether your four-legged-friend experiences aggression and scavenging or has developed bad habits such as resource guarding, jumping on people, climbing on furniture, begging for food, clingy behaviour, or simply taking over your bed, the RSPCA Victoria behaviour hub has the solution for you.

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Good Pet Behaviour

From chaos to calm

RSPCA Victoria’s crew of animal behaviour experts offer effective, customised solutions to your pets’ problem behaviours with tailored one-on-one sessions.

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Puppy School

Start on the right paw

Led by knowledgeable, specialist animal behaviourists from our friends K9 Connect, we provide puppy school classes as well as training for older dogs at our Burwood animal care centre.

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Pet Behaviour Helpline

FREE advice from our specialist trainers

Get advice from our experienced trainers to address common pet behavioural issues via a 20 minute Zoom call. And it’s free!

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If you’d like more information or to discuss our behaviour services in more depth, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on (03) 9224 2222