Why adult cats are the best!

Don’t get us wrong, we love kittens (they’re so teeny and cute!), but we have just as much love for their more mature counterparts as well.

Older cats often get overlooked in our adoption centres, and it boggles our mind as to why because they’re such amazing companions, and in a lot cases, a more pawfect match for your family than kittens.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 15 reasons why adopting an older cat is the best!

  1. Toilet matters -99% of the time an older cat will be litter trained (actually, cats are known for being clean, it’s probably more like 99.999999% of the time!), so you won’t have to worry about training them yourself or cleaning up after their ‘accidents’.
  2. They know who they are – An older cat’s personality is fully developed, they know what they want and who they want. So basically, they’re the perfect date! But in all seriousness, if you want an affectionate cat, we can point you in the right direction. Want a playful cat, or someone who’s more mellow? We can show you them too! With kittens, you can never be too sure as their personalities are still developing.
  3. Keep your furniture fantastic – An older cat is more likely to know the difference between a scratching post and your couch. Always a plus!
  4. That’s ok… I didn’t need to charge my phone anyway… ever again – If you’ve got a toddler you already know that in the mouth go ALL OF THE THINGS!! This is also true of kittens. They will chew anything they can get their little paws on – shoes, shoe-laces, letters and bills (well… they can keep those!), hair ribbons, power cords (we were serious about your iPhone charger), books – the list is endless! An adult cat is far less likely to try and pull apart everything in their path.
  5. Manners are a must – An older cat is more likely to know basic household etiquette, so they’re less likely to spend their time sitting on the dinner table trying to steal your food, running a muck with the toilet paper in the bathroom, and pushing fragile ornaments off the shelf just because it seemed like a fun thing to do.
  6. Our A+ students – While it is unlikely that you will be able to train your cat to roll over or stand on command (but if you have mastered these, please send us the video!), it is easier to teach an older cat basic skills such as coming when they’re called and staying away from places they’re not allowed to be.
  7. No surprises – When you adopt an older cat, chances are that if there are any ongoing medical issues, you will know about them up front and can plan for any additional expenses accordingly. With a kitten, you’re unlikely to know if they need ongoing medical attention until after you bring them home.
  8. Best friends furrever! -It’s tempting to buy a kitten for your little human. Little human + little kitten = a perfect match, right? Wrong! Kittens have much sharper teeth and claws than adults and show a lot less restraint as well, meaning, it could all end in tears for your little human. An adult cat will generally have more patience and, if respect is shown for them too, can grow a beautiful friendship with your little human.
  9. When the honeymoon period wears off – Kittens are incredibly fun and no day with them is ever the same, but once you’ve fixed the lamp they broke, replaced the vase on the shelf, been woken up at 3am while they sing the song of their people, and your legs have been attacked more times than you care to remember when simply walking through the house, you will find yourself longing for the day when they would just calm the furr down! Cue adult cat: twice the love, half the destruction.
  10. Yes, you read that last point correctly, TWICE the love – It’s true, you will get more love from a more mature cat. They’re spending less time climbing curtains, so have more time for snuggles!
  11. They’re still a bundle of fun – While their destructive kitten days are long gone, older cats are still hella fun! Cats are natural hunters so, even in the older years, will still very much enjoy playing with jingle balls, that sneaky laser and, of course, boxes! They still love to play, they just now know the difference between their toys are your feet!
  12. Age is just a number – At 10, they still have plenty of life left in them, with the oldest reported cat living until 28 years of age! As well as still being young at heart, they certainly don’t look old either, not a wrinkle to be seen 😉
  13. Because you could mend a broken heart – The only thing that’s potentially broken about an older cat, is their hearts. They arrive at our doorsteps for many reasons, though no fault of their own. Sometimes they outlive their human companion and go from a comfy life getting petted on the couch in front of the telly, to a noisy room filled with other cats competing for the attention of passers by. You could be the one to mend their broken heart and give them the second chance at the life they deserve.
  14. Because it takes a special type of person to adopt a senior – you! – The younger the cat, the quicker it gets adopted. Fact. They just have that new car smell. But adopting a cat isn’t like buying a used car – they don’t wear out with mileage. There are so many misconceptions about older cats floating around which makes them often get overlooked by families looking to adopt. You’re already doing the right thing by adopting, and adopting a senior cat will make you feel even more special, because you’ve saved them from what could possibly be months of homelessness and heartache.
  15. Cats over 10 years old keep your wallet (and your heart) full – To help our seniors get back into a loving home, we have waived their adoption fee. They will still come desexed, vet checked, treated for worms and fleas, and microchipped, but at no cost to you. We just want to see these fabulous felines find fantastic homes as quick as possible!

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