Meet the Team

Good Pet Behaviour Veterinarians

Gabrielle Carter 


Veterinary Specialist in Animal Behaviour

‘My work is about improving quality of life – for pets and their families. Whilst the work involves treating and managing behaviour and mental health problem in pets, my focus is often on building and maintaining the human animal bond. Its about finding the best ways for pets and people to live together, celebrating what each brings to the relationship.’ 

Dr. Gabrielle Carter is a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviourist and registered Veterinary Specialist in Animal Behaviour. She worked with cats and dogs in general veterinary practice for many years, before undertaking a 3 year behaviour residency at Purdue University in the USA, completing research into the impact of thyroid hormone on dog behaviour, and passing Board examinations. That makes her pretty much like an Animal Psychiatrist. She has lectured widely throughout Australia, educating trainers, veterinarians, veterinary nurses and the public. Her skills have led her to not only work to help owners improve their pet’s behavioural well being, but also to advocate for pets in court hearings and cruelty cases and consult with industry bodies and welfare organisations regarding animal behaviour and welfare.  

After a childhood shared with cats, dogs, birds, horses and other animals that found their way to her family home, her career as a veterinarian and behaviour specialist has provided the pathway for providing a holistic approach to animal well-being, encompassing treatment of mental and physical health.  

Gabrielle has long association with the RSPCA, starting as a new veterinary graduate and returning again after working in private practice to the role of Chief Veterinarian, and more recently as the Animal Behaviour and Rehabilitation Specialist. Her commitment to improving animal welfare has seen her work with several shelters and served on various animal ethics committees and has culminated in veterinary behaviour where she helps improve the quality of life for pets and their owners on a daily basis.  

Dr. Caroline Thursfield

BVSc (Hons)

Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification

Fear Free Shelter Certification

Dr. Caroline has been a practicing veterinarian for 27 years. Most of her working life has been spent working in a busy small animal clinic in Bayside Melbourne where she was performing behavioural consultations for dog and cat owners as part of general practice. Acquiring a rescue dog with fear and reactivity issues particularly strengthened Caroline’s interest in behavioural medicine. She is passionate about low stress handling techniques particularly in the veterinary setting, and she has obtained her low stress handling certification. She also spent time volunteering her vet services in South Africa and Botswana during her long service leave working with a variety of species.

Presently she is studying for the Master of Science (Clinical Animal Behaviour) through the University of Edinburgh as a pathway toward specialist qualifications. She also works part-time as the veterinary behaviourist in the RSPCA shelter which involves overseeing behavioural medication and the behavioural rehabilitation of animals both in shelter and post-adoption.

Outside of work, Caroline lives with her husband and Border Collie Angus. She is a keen runner, especially trail runs and has completed several marathons.

Dr. Kelene Phoa


Behavioural Medicine Distance Education course, University of Sydney 2018

Fear Free Certified Professional (Veterinary)

Kelene has been a veterinarian for the last 13 years. She grew up in Penang Island, Malaysia and moved to Melbourne to complete her veterinary degree at the University of Melbourne. As a new graduate, she worked for several years in Mildura, a regional town in Northwest Victoria. Kelene has gained a lot of experience while working with both small and large animals during her 5 years there in private practice.

During her first few years as a veterinarian, she acquired a dog with anxiety and has been putting a lot of work in to help her. This has sparked Kelene’s interest in behavioural medicine. Kelene went on to complete a distance education course with the University of Sydney in behavioural medicine. Since then, she has been conducting behaviour consultations while working in private practice and continued to do so after moving back to Melbourne. Kelene loves trying to help owners improve their bond with their pet when it is strained due to behavioural issues. This also gives her the opportunity to be an advocate for the pet and improve its welfare.

Becoming a vet has been Kelene’s childhood dream and she does not find anything more fulfilling than going home and knowing that she has contributed positively to an animal’s welfare. Kelene enjoys working and interacting with both people and animals. When at home, Kelene is kept busy with her two young children, her dog, Truffle and two cats, Toshi and Twix.

Good Pet Behaviour Consultants

Jade Currie  

BSc (Animal Behaviour), Cert III Animal Studies (Wildlife) 

Nationally Accredited Behaviour Trainer (Delta Society) 

MindDog Trainer

Jade has worked as a behavioural trainer for the past eight years. She has worn many different hats throughout her career, including managing a team of behavioural trainers at a large welfare organisation, puppy development and training for aspiring guide dogs, and consulting as a subject matter expert on behaviour and handling techniques for staff and community education programs at RSPCA. 

Jade is passionate about animal training for all species and enjoys working with dogs, cats, and parrots. She has a compassionate approach to behaviour modification and is committed to practising force-free training using the latest scientifically proven methods. 

Jade shares her home with her partner and her adored senior mixed breed dog who was rescued from a hoarding situation. Foster cats, kittens, and the occasional dog also frequent their home. 

Liam Deans-Pope

BAnVetBioSci (Hons), Bsci (Applied Sciences)

IAABC Cetrified Dog Behaviour Consultant, IAABC Certified Shelter Behaviour – Dog

Fear-Free Certified Professional (Trainer)

Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training (NDTF)

Liam has worked in the animal welfare industry for the over twelve years and as a behavioural trainer for the past six. During this time, he has enjoyed the opportunity to work with a wide variety of domestic animals across Victoria in a range of roles, including an animal management officer for a local council, an assessor of retired racing Greyhounds and most recently as the senior animal trainer for a rescue organisation.

Liam feels strongly that the human animal bond is a thing to be treasured, a belief that is reflected in his commitment to scientifically validated, force-free training methods. He understands that companion animal training and management is an ever-evolving field and is always seeking to further his knowledge and understanding. Liam has a particular passion for working with fearful and/or reactive dogs, having owned more than a few of them himself.

When not at work, Liam and his wife live in their tiny house that they share with three dogs, three cats, five chickens and a snake, all of which were adopted from a local shelter. He enjoys exploring the surrounding forests with his Labrador mix Jinx, trying to keep his unruly garden under control and amateur woodworking projects crafted from whatever timber he can find lying around.