Focused First Aid



Address: Webinar

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Learn how to measure vital signs of life, bandage a bleeding wound, perform CPR and maintain safety while working with an injured pet. 

About this course:

Focused First Aid for Pets is a 1 hour 30-minute webinar focused on giving you the best information available to be able to help a pet in an emergency situation. 

Topics covered will include; 

  • using the DRSABC Acronym and how this applies to pet emergencies 
  • Pet First Aid Kits and how to improvise with common household items, along with specific advice about a range of scenarios which are common in the warmer months, including; heat stress, snake bite, insect bite, toxicities and being hit by car. 

There will be a presentation for approximately 1 hour followed by a Q & A session – so have your questions ready!

Your will receive downloadable resources to take away with you for reference. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be prepared for that one day we hope won’t happen but all too commonly will!