RSPCA welcomes mandatory reporting of animal fate data

Published on 16 June 2022

RSPCA Victoria welcomes today’s announcement from the Victorian Government regarding mandatory reporting and collection of key data to improve transparency and promote responsible rehoming of animals in shelters and pounds.

Today’s announcement includes changes to the Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds, including mandatory reporting of a variety of data including whether an animal is rehomed, enters foster care, is reclaimed or euthanised.

CEO Dr Liz Walker said that for more than twenty years RSPCA Victoria has voluntarily reported its animal fate data in its annual report, which is publicly available on its website and included in RSPCA Australia’s national report.

“We welcome the Victorian Government’s announcement today that reporting of important animal fate data by all shelters and pounds is to be mandatory,” said Dr Walker.

“This important change is something RSPCA Victoria advocated for – it will strengthen the Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds and is in line with community sentiment.

“Making the reporting of animal fate data mandatory will help ensure all animal care groups across Victoria are transparent and adhere to the same standards.

“As a socially conscious shelter, RSPCA Victoria believes transparency, including reporting of animal fate data, collaboration and continuous improvement of standards are vital to ensure all animals are treated humanely and are provided with their best opportunity to live a good life.

“We know companion animals matter to Victorians – they make our lives better and we owe it to them to provide the best care and outcomes possible. This includes the tens of thousands of animals who are cared for by shelters, pounds and rescue groups across the state every year,” said Dr Walker.

“We were really pleased to hear the recent news that all 17 recommendations from the Government’s Taskforce on Rehoming Pets will be implemented, including improvements to the regulatory framework for rehoming pets, that will work to improve the welfare of dogs and cats requiring rehoming,” said Dr Walker.

“It’s great to see the Government prioritising animal welfare and making proactive changes to improve the lives of animals.”

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