RSPCA provides school groups unique animal experience at no cost

Published on 10 February 2022

Primary school education programs available in-person or online

RSPCA Victoria is welcoming back school groups on-site as part of our popular primary school programs, which are now being offered free-of-charge.

With Victorian children back in the classroom, RSPCA Victoria is excited to be able to offer an incredible hands-on experience with animals in the barn at our Burwood East education centre.

RSPCA Victoria Education and Training Manager Belinda Marchbank said school groups will receive an interactive and immersive experience, providing a change of scenery from their classroom.

“As part of our primary school education programs, children have the chance to meet RSPCA Victoria’s friendly farm animals, education dogs, cats and smaller pets, so in addition to learning about empathy for animals and how to best care for them, the kids are sure to be well entertained”.

“Our courses are also linked to the Victorian curriculum and are taught by qualified educators. We can work with teachers to ensure the program suits what you and your class are hoping to achieve,” Ms Marchbank said.

“We hope that with the program now being free for primary, as well as secondary, school groups, it will be even more accessible for any schools who are interested.”

RSPCA Victoria follows strict COVID-19 protocols, with the barn and facilities cleaned regularly.

For any schools who can’t make it on-site, RSPCA Victoria also offers free virtual programs where classes can meet our education animals via Zoom and have their questions answered in real time.

Our face-to-face primary education program includes:

Prep to grade two

Your class will meet a variety of pet and farm animals and make connections about the needs we all share.

Onsite activities include:

  • Meet and feed our gorgeous guinea pigs and discover the needs of these popular pets
  • Visit the rustic barn and hear the rescue stories of the resident farm animals.  Compare their needs to those of pets and humans.
  • Join in on our interactive Pet Needs Game to deepen understandings of responsible pet guardianship

Grade three to six

Students will take a deep dive into the important role the community plays in helping RSPCA Victoria to care for more than 15,000 animals each year and have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Animal welfare
  • The role of RSPCA Victoria in the community
  • Relevant laws that are in place to protect pet animals and farm animals

Classes will also get to meet a variety of pets and farm animals and make connections about the needs we all share.  Onsite activities include opportunities to:

  • Visit our barn to meet and hear the rescue stories of the resident farm animals
  • Tour our RSPCA animal adoption centre at Burwood East
  • Discover the important role of RSPCA Inspectors and the laws they enforce to help animals in the community
  • Investigate real animal rescue case studies in small groups to determine how each animal’s welfare could be improved.

Check out the primary education programs we offer and find the one that best suits your requirements on RSPCA Victoria’s website:

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