RSPCA calls on Victorians to ‘Go Big’ with dog adoption promotion

Published on 29 June 2022

Larger dogs looking for new homes

RSPCA Victoria will aim to rehome as many larger breed dogs as possible this Saturday 2 July with a new adoption promotion called, ‘Go BIG and Go HOME’.

Running at RSPCA’s Burwood East, Peninsula, Wangaratta and Warrnambool Animal Care Centres, Victorians will be able to make an appointment to go into their local shelter and view all of the large breed dogs available for adoption before choosing one to meet, with the possibility of adopting and taking their new doggy friend home on the day.

RSPCA Victoria Animal Care Manager Nadia Peiris said some people avoid larger dog breeds, with the organisation receiving fewer applications for them recently.

“While they don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle, big dogs make great pets for the right family in the right environment but are often misunderstood. They have big hearts and are equally deserving of finding their forever home.”

Ms Peiris said RSPCA’s adoptions team works closely with potential adopters to ensure a great match for each dog, and also explained that the organisation has experienced a drop in adoption applications recently, leading to more dogs than usual currently being available for adoption.

“While we’re not exactly sure why we’re experiencing a lull in adoptions, we suspect interest may have slowed after so many people adopted pets during the pandemic,” Ms Peiris said.

“We also know that it’s a challenging time for people, with many feeling the pinch of rising living expenses and could mean people are pulling back on spending.”

To book an appointment as part of GO BIG and GO HOME visit

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