Primary Programs – Excursions

Prep to grade two

Animals like you and me!

Your class will meet a variety of pet and farm animals and make connections about the connections and similarities we share with animals. This session helps children build empathy and compassion and helps children build connections with the creatures we share the earth with, whilst learning about animal care and welfare.

Topics explored include:

  • The basic needs of animals and how they relate to those of humans
  • The role of RSPCA Victoria in the community
  • Animal experiences

Onsite activities include:

  • Meet and feed our gorgeous guinea pigs and discover the needs of these popular pets
  • Visit our on-site barn and hear the rescue stories of the resident farm animals
  • Compare their needs to those of pets and humans
  • Participate in our interactive Pet Needs game to deepen understandings of responsible pet guardianship

Teachers also receive a resource kit for further topic exploration back at school!

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