Secondary and Tertiary Resources

Take a look at some of these great resources and links to support your RSPCA education experience.

VCAL PDS teacher resource 

VCAL PDS student resource

RSPCA Victoria’s Projects for Secondary and Tertiary students

Project Postcard

A Day in the Life of a Shelter Animal

Animal Welfare Video

Calendar Shoot

Change Canteen Food

Conduct and Interview


Make an Experience

Make the Five

Master Humane Cook Off

Fundraising Project



RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectors

Do your research before you buy a puppy:  video:

Puppy Factory Rescue:  video:

Creature Tales podcast with Inspector Steve Cook:

Neglected dog ‘Buck’ is rescued by RSPCA Inspector:  video:


Careers in Animal Welfare

Volunteering at RSPCA Victoria:  video:

Career Pathways at RSPCA :  Meet Amelia:  video:


Farm Animal Welfare

Some great resources addressing farm animal welfare for production animals.

RSPCA Farm Animal Education Resources

SPCA Kids What is Animal Welfare (Not sure why the images is showing below)

Horse Care:  Luci has a dental visit:  video:



RSPCA AWARE – an educational resource library (AWARE banner would be helpful here)

Teachers link for lesson plans and classroom resources:

Student link for pet care guides and videos:



Just for fun!

Virtual tour of RSPCA Burwood East:  Dog Adoption Area:  video:

Virtual tour of RSPCA Burwood East:  Cat Adoption Area:  video:

Cat enrichment toy making: video:

Dog treat puzzle making:  video:

Meet RSPCA Victoria’s resident chickens:  video: