School programs

Our education sessions engages students using live animals, powerful visual presentations, challenging real life cruelty cases and raising awareness around animal welfare campaigns. Each presentation focuses on campaigns of your choice and also contains an introduction to our history and the role of the RSPCA.

Choose from a face to face excursion or a virtual visit.

  • Community – What role does RSPCA play in our community? How you can be involved in supporting the RSPCA.
  • Companion Animals – Where do our companion animals come from and what do they need.
  • Working with animals – What is it like working in the animal care industry? How do I get involved?
  • Humane Food – Where does our food come from?


This curriculum linked package addresses the learning outcomes of Personal Development Skills – Unit One (Foundation and Intermediate) through a combination of self directed learning, community based project work and an RSPCA visit.

This resource could be appropriate for other community based programs implemented in schools.