ANIMAL HEROES START AT HOME: virtual animal experiences for GRADE 5 – GRADE 6

Animals are all around us. From the wildlife outside our windows to the food we eat and of course the pets we welcome into our families. The needs and feelings of animals and humans overlap; we are not too different from one another.

The Animal Heroes unit of learning looks at why it is important to respect living creatures, and the laws in place to help protect them. Students will discover the role of RSPCA Victoria as a community organisation, an animal shelter and law enforcement agency.

Cost: Free

Farm animals feel – LIVE barn experience

Book in a live class with an RSPCA educator to meet one of our beautiful cows, a rescued pony and some of our woolly paddock animals. Find out how they arrived at RSPCA and how we take care of them. Don’t just watch – we love to respond to your comments and questions in real time via the moderated Q&A function.

Small pets – big responsibility

LIVE lesson Guinea pigs and rabbits have needs and feelings just like us. Let us introduce your students to some of our smallest RSPCA education animals. Discover what they need to be happy and healthy and how their care compares with other animals. Your students can ask and answer questions in real time via moderated chat function.

Meet an RSPCA Inspector – LIVE lesson

Have you ever wanted to find out about the role of an RSPCA Inspector? These animal police officers have an important job in responding to reports of animal cruelty and neglect. This activity gives students the opportunity to step into the boots of an RSPCA Inspector and identify the basic needs of animals and work collaboratively to discover where these have been neglected. Your class can have their questions answered in real time via ZOOM’s Q&A function.

*subject to inspector availability.

What you will need in order to participate:

Teachers (and students in times of remote learning) will need a device that enables them to connect to the internet and access audio/visual content. Real time interaction can occur via the live and fully moderated Q&A function.

Prior to the webinar date, we will send a ZOOM webinar link and password to the booking person and ask that they share it with other teachers.

* Student safety in the online environment is paramount. We have password protection controls in place and only those with the ZOOM link and passcode may access the session.
* RSPCA Education Officers have full audio, video and Q&A function control of these sessions to ensure the safety of all participants in the online environment.

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