Kid’s Activities and Resources

Horse Activities

AWARE horse care

AWARE horse quiz 

Video: Luci pony and Paul the horse dentist

Video: Meet Bonnie & Clyde the miniature ponies


Rabbit Activities

AWARE rabbit care information and videos 

AWARE rabbit care quiz 

Rabbit & guinea pig adoption profile

Video: Rabbit and guinea pig adoption


Guinea Pig Activities

AWARE guinea pig care information and videos 

AWARE guinea pig quiz 

Rabbit and guinea pig feeding guide 

Rabbit and guinea pig enrichment guide

Kahoot interactive quiz

Video: Guinea pig and rabbit enrichment


Cat Activities

Make your own cat story worksheet

Pictures to colour in and cut out for cat story

Happy Inside book

Cat colouring-in

AWARE cat care info and videos

Cat enrichment guide

AWARE cat quiz

Cat adoption profile

Video: Make a cat plait 

Video:  Cat enrichment toy making

Video: Cat adoption tour


Goat Activities

Barn cut and paste activity

AWARE goat care information

Video: Meet  El and Mikey

Video: Luna the rescue goat


Dog Activities

Dog needs colouring in activity

AWARE dog care information and videos

Dog enrichment activity resource

AWARE dog care quiz

Dog adoption profile

Videos: Meet Education Dogs Chino and Scout

Video: Create a treat box for your dog

Video: Dog adoption tour


Chicken Activities

What do you know about chickens activity sheet

RSPCA hen welfare educational resources page

AWARE chicken care information

Cheeky Chooks computer game

AWARE chicken care quiz

Video:  Meet RSPCA Victoria’s resident chickens


Vets and the RSPCA

Vet contact magnet activity

My at home Vet check

Video:  Meet Dr Steph

Video:  Scout the dog gets a Vet check


RSPCA Inspector Activities

Make your own inspector badge

Video:  Meet Inspector Lisa


RSPCA Activities

Animal needs colouring-in and word search

AWARE: share your art and photography

RSPCA crossword

Draw the animals in the RSPCA Victoria paddocks

Pet Needs Song lyrics

Project: Animal Wellbeing – Animals needs Vs Human needs
Venn Diagram template

Video: Pet Needs song

Video: Exploring Animal Welfare with RSPCA Vic and Zoos Vic


Wildlife Resources and Activities

Wildlife Victoria

Ducks word search

Discover Duck colouring page 1 

Discover Duck colouring page 2


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Topics explored include: 

  • The basic needs of animals how they relate to those of humans.
  • The role of RSPCA Victoria in the community.
  • Relevant laws that are in place to protect pet animals and farm animals.
  • Animal experiences.

Onsite activities include:

  • Visit our barn and hear the rescue stories of the resident farm animals.  Compare their needs to those of pets and humans.
  • Tour the RSPCA Adoption Centre at Burwood East.
  • Discover the important role of RSPCA Inspectors and the laws they enforce to help animals in the community.
  • Investigate real animal rescue case studies in small groups to determine how each animal’s welfare could be improved.

** teachers also receive a resource kit for further topic exploration back at school

Cost:  no fee

Donations are welcomed