Operation Wanted: get your pet desexed this winter and save!

Published on 4 June 2024

RSPCAs across Australia are joining forces this winter for ‘Operation Wanted’, a campaign providing discounted desexing for pet owners.  

The desexing initiative will commence on Saturday 1st June and run for three months, with participating vets offering their local communities 20% off dog and cat desexing.  

RSPCA Victoria’s own veterinary clinic at Burwood will also be taking part, offering desexing by our experienced and trusted vets as part of our high-volume desexing days. Spots are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.  

RSPCA Victoria Chief Vet Dr Bronwyn Oke said having an unexpected litter can be expensive and time-consuming for pet owners, something families under financial pressure may not be able to deal with.  

“Prevention is always better than bringing unwanted pets into the world. The simple desexing procedure can help prevent tens of thousands of unwanted animals every year, which often end up at pounds and shelters. For example, a cat from four months old can have up to three litters every year.”

Dr Oke said desexing can also improve the overall health and temperament of your animal.  

“Desexed animals generally live a longer, happier life. They are generally less likely to get diseases such as urine infections, mammary and ovarian diseases in females and perineal hernias, testicular and prostate cancer in males.  

Dr Oke reassured pet owners that a pet’s ‘normal’ behaviour will remain unaffected following desexing, but it can commonly reduce behaviour problems such as roaming, aggression, mounting and spraying in males. In females, it eliminates heat cycles and mating behaviour. 

Operation Wanted was started by RSPCA Queensland ten years ago, with an estimated 200,00 animals desexed in Queensland since 2014 as part of the campaign.  

The campaign will be expanded this year with RSPCA Victoria jumping on board, as well as RSPCAs in South Australia, New South Wales and ACT.


To take advantage of desexing savings during Operation Wanted this winter, visit the Operation Wanted website and find a participating vet near you: operationwanted.com.au

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Operation Wanted: get your pet desexed this winter and save!

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