Op shop volunteers urgently needed

RSPCA op shops provide vital funding to RSPCA Victoria, helping us to care for over 14,000 animals in our shelters each year.

To run our op shops, we rely on the generous support of our volunteers. Prior to the pandemic, we had approximately 500 op shop volunteers. As of the end of February 2023, we now have 158 volunteers.

We are currently seeking 350 volunteers to join our team in 2023!

Volunteers are urgently needed to help run our 8 stores throughout Victoria. Whether you’re a student seeking valuable retail experience, looking for an opportunity to make new friends and engage with the local community, or a supporter of the RSPCA wanting to help raise much needed funds for animals, volunteering at RSPCA Victoria op shops offers a multitude of benefits.

Benefits of volunteering with RSPCA Victoria Op Shops:

  • Meet new friends
  • Gain valuable volunteering experience
  • Gain experience that could help with a future job
  • Develop your customer service skills
  • Develop English speaking skills (if English is your second language)
  • Make a difference in the community
  • Help us raise vital funds to help end animal cruelty
  • There are lots of shifts available and we provide ongoing support & training
  • As an RSPCA Victoria op shop volunteer, you’ll enjoy many benefits including 30% off our pet retail stores
  • Have fun!

Testimonials of volunteering with us:

“I love meeting and connecting with my people in my community. Knowing that I’m raising funds for animals in need is incredibly rewarding.”

“It’s been a fantastic way to meet people and gain valuable work experience to re-enter the work-force after maternity leave.”

“I wanted to spend my free time helping animals in need after adopting my rescue dogs. Helping people find the perfect item is so rewarding!”

“I go home so happy and mentally fulfilled and have met so many wonderful people who have become friends.”

How to apply:

Ready to join the RSPCA Victoria family? Apply online today and one of our friendly staff will be in contact shortly.

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