Mitchell Shire man found guilty of animal cruelty

Published on 13 May 2024

A 55-year-old Mitchell Shire man has been found guilty of three animal cruelty offences including aggravated cruelty and was sentenced at the Shepparton Magistrates Court on 9 May 2024.

The man was sentenced to a Community Correction Order with conviction, required to perform 250 hours of unpaid community work over a two-year period, and a 10-year monitoring order.

RSPCA Victoria Inspectors began investigating after receiving reports of animal cruelty from a member of the public.

On attending the property RSPCA Victoria Inspectors found one particular dog in poor condition, struggling to stand, whimpering with pain, with a visibly infected toe that smelt necrotic.

With grave concerns for the dog’s welfare the Inspector seized the dog, taking it to receive veterinary care at an RSPCA Victoria shelter.

RSPCA Victoria veterinarian Dr Tash Bassett found evidence of spinal and hip degeneration, a necrotic infection of the dog’s toe, and painful chronic ear disease among other conditions.

“This dog experienced great pain and suffering for months due to her chronic and untreated medical conditions and for weeks due to the way she was tethered at the property,” Dr Bassett said.

“The dog’s condition was caused by the owner’s neglect and failure to provide veterinary treatment earlier.”

In sentencing Magistrate David Faram said the man had failed his dog finding his actions grossly inappropriate and horrible.

“[Your] failure to seek proper treatment for the animal is unforgiveable,” Magistrate Faram said.

“You were wilfully blind, you failed miserably as far as [this dog] was concerned.”

RSPCA Victoria’s Chief Inspector, Michael Stagg, said forcing any animal to suffer in this way is unacceptable and he hoped the court’s decision highlighted the community’s low tolerance for animal cruelty.

“Pet owners must provide a clean and sanitary environment for their animals, and necessary veterinary attention,” Chief Inspector Stagg said.

“This poor dog suffered, and it was completely unnecessary, and we, along with the Victorian community and the courts, won’t stand for it.”

RSPCA Victoria urges anyone with concerns about the welfare of animals to make a report to us at or on 03 9224 2222.

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