Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

  • The Exhibitor agrees to hire the Stall.
  • RSPCA Victoria permits the Exhibitor to use the Stall for the Event and to access the Stall.
  • The contract of hire does not create any lease or tenancy of Institute Stall but is merely a license to occupy the Stall for the agreed period.
  • RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to remove any agents, employees, invitees, contractors of the Exhibitor from the Stall and RSPCA Victoria grounds in the event that those persons break any obligations of the Exhibitor or engage in any conduct objectionable to RSPCA Victoria.

Once an application is received and approved by the RSPCA Victoria, an invoice will be issued detailing the exhibitor site and hire fees. Please note, the site is not confirmed until payment has been received. RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to reissue a site where an exhibitor has failure to pay the invoice by the due date. If for whatever reason an exhibitor cannot pay or has questions regarding the invoice, they should reach out to the RSPCA Victoria events team as soon as possible. All fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed to by the RSPCA Victoria Events Team.

Refunds will not be available to exhibitors who withdraw their application less than four weeks prior to the Event. RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to cancel the Event due to extreme bad weather or circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as terrorist threat or force majeure.

  • Notification of Event cancellation is required in writing.
  • If an Exhibitor cancels a booking less than 4 weeks prior to time set for the use of the Stall, the full Hire Fee and equipment hire charges (inclusive of any cancellation charges incurred from third party suppliers as a result of the of cancellation) for the hire of the Stall shall be paid by the Exhibitor to RSPCA Victoria.
  • If RSPCA Victoria cancels the Event, the deposit will be refunded.
  • RSPCA Victoria shall not be held liable for any interference, disruption or enforced cancellation of any part of a booking which is caused by civil disturbance, industrial action, terrorism, act of God or any circumstance which is beyond the control of RSPCA Victoria. RSPCA Victoria is under no obligation to settle any industrial dispute which, if settled, would enable the activity for which the booking was made to continue.
  • RSPCA Victoria, at its discretion, may prohibit any performance or function which in its sole opinion is considered objectionable or dangerous or which is contrary to law or which would be detrimental to the good standing and reputation of RSPCA Victoria. In any such case the Exhibitor shall be deemed to have consented to the prohibition and RSPCA Victoria shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Exhibitor in direct or indirect consequence of RSPCA Victoria’s prohibition of any performance or function of the Exhibitor.
Stall information
  • All exhibitors should be relevant to the pet and animal industry. All promotional material (brochures, handouts, flyers) to be used by exhibitors must be submitted to RSPCA Victoria prior to the event and may only be distributed on the day following written approval from RSPCA Victoria (which it may give or refuse in its absolute discretion). Any breach of this term may result in the removal of the exhibitor’s stall from the Event and exclusion from future RSPCA Victoria events.
  • To comply with structure regulations set by the relevant land authority (i.e. Local Council or Parks Victoria), all stall structures must be provided by a certified stall provider who will be contracted by RSPCA Victoria. Any other equipment provided by exhibitors must be approved by RSPCA Victoria and be weighted and not staked.
  • All exhibitor activities must be confined to the stall’s allocated site. This includes staff and/or use of mascots who are not authorised to roam around the Event site.
  • Exhibitors must not sub-let space to another organisation, individual, company or business without the express written consent of RSPCA Victoria, such consent maybe withheld or denied by RSPCA Victoria at its absolute unfettered discretion.
Stall location

Stall locations are based on a combination of factors including power availability, site requirements, and overall flow of the Event. Due to these factors, stall locations are at the discretion of the RSPCA Victoria Events team and are non-negotiable.


Exhibitors agree to comply with the bump in and out schedules allocated to them in the Event Brief sent closer to the Event date. All exhibitor stalls must remain operational for the duration of the Event, and Exhibitors must not leave their allocated site.


Exhibitors agree to provide sufficient and adequately trained staff to run their stall (up to four staff). Staff training is the responsibility of exhibitors. Exhibitors agree that no staff working within their stalls will be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Event day. Exhibitor staff that behave in an offensive, obscene or defamatory way (as determined by RSPCA Victoria in its sole discretion) may be removed from the Event, and risk being excluded from future RSPCA Victoria events.

Insurance & indemnity
  • The Exhibitor indemnifies and keeps indemnified RSPCA Victoria against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a result of or arising out of the hiring of the Stall caused by any act or omission of the Exhibitor, its servants, agents or invitees.
  • Exhibitors must provide a copy of their Public Liability Certificate of Currency with their application. Coverage must be valid for the Event date with insurance coverage for a minimum of $10 million. Failure to provide a valid Public Liability Insurance certificate will result in the application being incomplete and will prevent RSPCA Victoria from assessing the application.
Release from liability

In no circumstances will RSPCA Victoria be liable to the Exhibitor (or anyone claiming through the Exhibitor) for any punitive damages, incidental, special or economic loss indirect or consequential loss (including but not limited to corruption or loss of data or loss of profits, whether categorised as direct or indirect) loss of business revenue, anticipated or lost savings, loss of goodwill or losses arising from business interruption, operational and/or administrative costs and expenses or other losses (whether or not occurring in the normal course of business) arising from or in any way related to the Event.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the Exhibitor shall not make any statement in any advertisement which directly or indirectly implies that the use for which the Stall are hired is conducted or promoted by RSPCA Victoria.
  • The Exhibitor shall not display any poster or advertisement in any part of the Stall of RSPCA Victoria without having first obtained the written approval of RSPCA Victoria.
  • The Exhibitor shall comply with all rules and policies of RSPCA Victoria, and with the provisions of all other Acts and Regulations applicable to the Exhibitor, and shall indemnify and keep indemnified RSPCA Victoria against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a result of the Exhibitor’s breach of any such Act, Statutes, Rules or Regulations.
  • The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify RSPCA Victoria against loss or damage it suffers if the Exhibitor, or a person admitted to the Stall during the Period of Hire (except Institute staff):

a) damages or destroys any property;

b) injures any person;

c) fails to observe any of the Exhibitor’s obligations under this agreement.

  • The Exhibitor must:

a) comply with the provisions of all industrial agreements, awards and determinations governing any person engaged or employed by the Hirer in connection with the Event;

b) obtain at its expense, all necessary licences and authorisations relating to the use during the Event of all copyrighted materials, sound recordings, film or performing rights;

c) obtain at its expense and produce to RSPCA Victoria. Upon request, all permits and other licences required by any government, municipal or statutory authority in order to conduct the Event;

d) comply with the provisions of any statutes, regulations, by-laws or other requirements of any government, municipal or statutory authority applying to RSPCA Victoria or the conduct of the Exhibitor’s Event; and

e) be responsible for all contractors, sub-contractors, agents and employees engaged directly or indirectly by it in or in relation to the Event.

Restricted items

Exhibitors must NOT sell food or beverages for human consumption from their stall without the prior written consent of RSPCA Victoria. Due to existing national sponsorship agreements no pet food products may be sold (pet treats excepted). RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to refuse the presence of any products, information or services that it deems inhumane or harmful to animals. In the event approval is given, the Exhibitor shall abide by any conditions imposed by the RSPCA Victoria.


Exhibitors may only place a reasonable amount of rubbish in the bins provided at the Event site. No other waste is to be left at the site. Excessive rubbish, including large boxes, must be taken by the exhibitor offsite to avoid overfilling bins and disposed of at the exhibitor’s expense.

  • The Exhibitor agrees to follow RSPCA Victoria emergency management procedures and take direction from RSPCA Victoria staff in the event of an evacuation.
  • The Exhibitor must comply with RSPCA Victoria’s Occupational Health and Safety policies.
  • Contractors of the Exhibitor must meet following safety and compliance requirements prior to engaging in any Event:

a) relevant public liability insurance (for goods and services)

b) relevant professional indemnity insurance (for consultants)

c) workers compensation insurance (for contractor’s employees working in any event)

d) individual safety induction

  • Any electrical equipment brought on site must have been tested and tagged in accordance with Australian standards with currency. Any equipment not meeting this requirement or that does not meet RSPCA Victoria’s safety standards may be prohibited from use.
Good order
  • The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the maintenance of good order in and around the Stall during the period for which the Stall is hired.
  • The Exhibitor shall comply with any instruction by any officer of RSPCA Victoria as to the maintenance of good order and compliance with these conditions in and around the Stall.
  • The Exhibitor shall take all reasonable steps to ensure all persons admitted to the Stall during the hire period observe these obligations at all times.
  • The Exhibitor must conduct, manage and supervise the Event in a proper and orderly manner. The Exhibitor must not engage in and shall not allow any of its employees, contractors or invitees to engage in any riotous, disorderly, drunken, improper or unlawful conduct.
Photography and filming
  • Exhibitors acknowledge that RSPCA Victoria may film, record or take still photographs at the Event. Such films, recordings and photographs may be used in any publicity or marketing materials without further authorisation by or compensation to exhibitors. Exhibitors must comply with all legislative and Council requirements with respect to filming, recording and photography. Filming, recording or
  • Photography must not cause distress or discomfort to dogs at the Event or dogs brought to the Event by members of the public. RSPCA Victoria may at any time request that an exhibitor cease filming, recording or taking photographs at the Event, or delete files of any earlier filming, recording or photographs made or taken at the Event. Failure to comply with this request may result in the exhibitor being directed to leave the Event.
Fundraising and data

Exhibitors must not fundraise (including by money collection tins) for any charity other than RSPCA Victoria at the Event and must refrain from collecting any personal data from Event attendees/participants. RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to refuse the presence of such activities taking place and may result in risk of being excluded from future RSPCA Victoria events.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact the RSPCA Events team:

Tess Pannell
Events and Community Fundraising Coordinator
(03) 9224 2564