Magistrate condemns ‘loathsome neglect’

Published on 5 May 2022

RSPCA Victoria prosecutes owner who denied dog basic veterinary care

The owner of an emaciated dog with a large untreated neck abscess was prosecuted in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last month, with the accused convicted and fined $7,500. After pleading guilty, Ronan Sinha was also given a disqualification order, prohibiting him from owning any domestic animal for a period of ten years.

The case involved a seven-year-old Bull Arab cross dog named Ryeleigh. The dog’s condition had deteriorated over several months, and by the time Ryeleigh was presented to a veterinarian his large neck abscess had ruptured, resulting in a weeping, bloody discharge.

The treating veterinarian assessed the large, infected wound on his neck and determined that treatment should have been sought several weeks prior to the dog’s presentation at the clinic. Ryeleigh had also become emaciated and due to his condition, he sadly had to be euthanised on humane grounds.

Belinda Dent, Inspectorate Team Leader at RSPCA Victoria, said it was both exasperating and disturbing that such cases of animal neglect were still happening in the community.

“Last financial year, RSPCA Victoria received over 2,800 cruelty reports relating to dogs who were underweight or who had not received sufficient veterinary treatment for injury or illness.

“These are not simply statistics to us – these numbers represent pain and suffering that thousands of animals like Ryeleigh have been forced to endure. As a community, I think we can agree that this sort of behaviour is plainly unacceptable and we must do better.”

The Magistrate presiding over the case stated she found there had been a significant act of neglect, that she did not accept defence mitigation, and that the neglect of an animal was loathsome.

Anyone with concerns for the welfare of animals is encouraged to contact RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate via or by calling 9224 2222.

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