Local government support

RSPCA Victoria is committed to working with local governments to achieve positive animal welfare outcomes across the state.

RSPCA Victoria provides councils with current, relevant and practical tools to help achieve their animal welfare goals. The resources listed are designed for local government use only.

Local government goals include:

  • Reduce the number of animals in shelters and pounds.
  • Increase animal registration figures.
  • Promote and support responsible pet ownership.
  • Decrease euthanasia rates in municipalities.
  • Increase 84Y agreements with vet clinics.

Community support officer

The community support officer is responsible for connecting and engaging with councils across Victoria. They assist local governments in reaching their objectives in their Domestic Animal Management Plans, ensuring animal welfare initiatives are always prioritised.

Working with Project Partners Australian Veterinary Association in Victoria and the Municipal Association of Victoria, RSPCA Victoria has identified four initiatives to improve animal welfare at a local government level. The four initiatives aim to reduce the cost of animal management, increase revenue and reduce suffering for animals in need.

The four initiatives are:

  1. Establish 84Y agreements with veterinary practices, allowing them to receive and reunite animals in need.
  2. Return animals directly home instead of impounding if they are microchipped, registered, and have not been impounded before.
  3. Communicate the benefits of registration, not just the requirement.
  4. Increase registrations through incentivising and simplifying the process, and conducting a registration drive.

Local government training

RSPCA Victoria offers animal management training programs for officers working within local government. This training is designed to boost confidence in all animal- related work and ensure the welfare of animals is always a priority.

Animal management training programs


Cat handling and restraint presentation by RSPCA Victoria experts
Dog handling and restraint presentation by RSPCA Victoria experts
An exploration into improving council officer welfare and compassion fatigue by Dr Vanessa Rohlf
An exploration into dog welfare by RSPCA Victoria Senior Behaviourist Nikki Johnson
Animal handling and restraint presentation by RSPCA Victoria
Presentations by Council representatives: Deputy Mayor Steve Staikos from Kingston Council and Richard Asquith from Dandenong City Council