Rabbit care

There’s something about those long ears and fluffy tails that melts hearts. Rabbits are inquisitive, lovable pets, but there’s lots to learn before bringing one home to ensure they live a long and happy life.

Before getting a bunny

Before you make the decision to adopt a bunny, make sure you know exactly what is required so you can be prepared for all of the responsibilities of rabbit ownership.

Rabbits come in many shapes, sizes, personalities and have different care requirements. Choosing the right bunny for your lifestyle takes time, but it’s essential to get it right.

The best rabbit for you could be waiting in an RSPCA Victoria adoption centre, find your bunny today. If you are buying a rabbit from a breeder, make sure to visit their facilities to make sure your rabbit has been raised in a happy and healthy environment. Ask to see the mother rabbit and thoroughly investigate your baby rabbit to ensure they aren’t displaying any concerning health issues. Ask lots of questions and only buy if you are confident they have been treated well – a poorly treated rabbit will likely have unwanted behavioural traits or health conditions.

If you suspect foul play, tip off the breeder to RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate.

The responsibilities of rabbit ownership

Rabbits may be small but they have very specific care requirements. To learn all about being an amazing rabbit parent, here are a few of our top tips to get you started. You can find comprehensive advice at the bottom of the page.

• House your rabbit indoors if possible.
• Litter train your rabbit.
• Give your rabbit appropriate shelter for their environment.
• Only allow your rabbit outside to exercise in a controlled environment.
• Manage the insects in your rabbit’s environment.
• Feed your rabbit a healthy diet – 80% hay, 15% green leafy veg, 5% treats.
• Take your rabbit to the vet if they are injured or unwell.
• Protect your rabbit from harm.
• Enrich your rabbit’s environment with toys and games.
• Spend time with your rabbit.
• Bunny-proof spaces they have access to.
• Give your rabbit plenty of safe spaces.
• Always handle your rabbit appropriately.
• Desex your rabbit if you have no intention to breed.
• Vaccinate your rabbit regularly as advised by a vet.
• Groom as necessary.

Your rabbit and the law

As an owner you are legally responsible for any harm or damages caused by your rabbit. Bunny owners should be aware of the Victorian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and offenses that are punishable by law.

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