Pets in apartments

Apartments tend to be compact with little to no outdoor space, but there are still many pets who would love to share your home.

Cats, rabbits and guinea pigs can thrive in an apartment setting. Here’s why:

  1. They are meticulously clean
  2. They can be toilet trained
  3. Limited outdoor space is not an issue
  4. They’re very quiet.

The RSPCA recommends that our loveable felines live an indoor lifestyle if they don’t have access to an outdoor enclosure for a number of reasons:

  • Cats are predators and often harm native wildlife
  • Fighting with other cats can cause injury
  • They’re more susceptible to catching and transmitting disease.

When it comes to rabbits and guinea pigs, they’re best kept in an enclosure when unsupervised, but will be happy exploring your apartment when you’re home. If you are living in an apartment and would like to have a pet, check out our adoption centre and give one of our rescue animals another chance.

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