Pet health

Keeping your pet happy and healthy should be your number one priority as a pawsome owner. Check out the articles below and make sure you’re providing for your fluffy buddy’s needs.

Diet and exercise

Getting your pet’s diet and level of activity right are often the easiest things to check off the list. Get the advice you need to keep your pet eating right and feeling fit.

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Issues requiring medical help

Pets can’t tell you something is wrong. Know the signs and when it’s time to call your vet.

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Dental health

Everything you need to know for healthy teeth and gums. Our tips for home pet dental care will help you avoid costly vet bills.

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Getting your pet’s vaccinations up to date is an easy way to protect them from deadly diseases. Find out what jabs your pet needs and when.

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Common health conditions explained

Know the signs of the most common health conditions and what to do. You may be able to save a life.

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Reproduction and desexing Information

RSPCA Victoria recommends desexing your pet for their wellbeing and to reduce the population of unwanted animals. Find out what you need to know.

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A tiny chip can be the difference between being quickly reunited or lost forever. Learn about the power of microchipping and why it’s vital to your pet’s health and safety.

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For more information on pet planning for Victoria’s seasons, check out the articles below.

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