Greyhounds as pets

Greyhounds make fab pets

If you’re looking to rescue a pooch, a greyhound could be perfect. They’re gentle dogs that like nothing more than to cuddle on the couch. Here are some more greyhound facts that make them great companions.

13 Reasons why greyhounds are awesome

  1. They are sensitive souls with a lot of love to give.
  2. Not big on barking, they won’t disturb the neighbours.
  3. Short fur means they’re good if you have allergies.
  4. Once they have lost their thick racing coat they hardly shed – less vacuuming!
  5. They don’t require much exercise – only a short walk a day.
  6. They’re the couch potatoes of the dog world.
  7. They are one of the fastest dog breeds.
  8. Retired racers can be retrained to adjust to life as a pet.
  9. They live around 12-15 years.
  10. Greyhounds are often great with children.
  11. They’re a very healthy breed with very few genetic inherited diseases.
  12. Males weigh around 30kg, females around 25kg.
  13. Retired racing greyhounds need and deserve a loving home.

Unfortunately, due to being bred for racing, there are many greyhounds looking for homes after their career. RSPCA Victoria helps find loving homes for unwanted greyhounds. If you’re looking for a gentle companion with lots of love to give, a greyhound could be perfect.

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