Cats make great mates

Victorians know that cats make great mates.

There are more cats in Victorian homes than any other state of Australia, two million in fact. As a cat loving community, we know the benefits of owning a cat.

Even though plenty of us know the joy of cats, there are many people yet to discover how these creatures, each with a unique personality, can bring happiness to humans.

  • Adaptable, cats fit into almost any lifestyle.
  • Perfect for apartments, cats will happily sprawl in almost any spot in your home.
  • Children who have cats as a part of their family learn responsibility and experience empathy, assisting them with their development.
  • At less than $2.00 a day*, including healthcare, food and accessories, they are an affordable friend.
  • The purr of a cat has a calming effect on humans, making them great for our health.

Throughout 2015, the RSPCA showcased why cats are such great companions, encouraging those considering taking on a new mate, to make it an adult cat.

Adopt a cat and see for yourself how cats make great mates!

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Please help improve the lives of more Victorian cats in our care. As an idea, the general adoption cost covered by us includes:

  • Desexing (starts from $80)
  • Microchipping ($35)
  • Vaccinations (starts from $70)
  • Vet checks ($59)
  • Health and vet care; may include dental care, vet checks, x-rays (up to $500)

That’s more than $700 costs covered by the RSPCA for each cat! With many adorable cats looking for their new forever home, contributions great or small will help us ensure more Victorian felines get the happy ending they deserve.

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