Adopt a senior pet

Young or old, all pets deserve a loving home. Older pets are often overlooked for adoption, but they could be the best friend you’re looking for. Here are eight reasons why you should offer a mature pet a place by your side.

They need you more than ever

Senior pets can often be overlooked when up against younger competition. Older pets have experienced life and just need to feel safe, be loved and enjoy their golden years.

They’re often model citizens

Senior pets have often lived with other owners who have already trained them. You are less likely to have your furniture chewed, or have to clean up accidents as these senior citizens know how to behave.

There are no surprises

What you see is what you get when you adopt a senior pet. They’re not going to quadruple in size in a few months, or start shedding hair at an alarming rate. Adopting a senior pet allows you to choose a companion that fits into your lifestyle straight away.

Senior pets take life at a slower pace

They will sleep in with you on Sundays, binge-watch an entire season of your favourite show, and not pull you all the way to the park.

They’ll fit right in with your family

Seniors have often been socialised with children and other pets, and know how to be part of your family. And if they haven’t, you’ll know upfront. It’s so much easier to see how your new friend will fit into your lifestyle.

Fewer upfront expenses

You’ll avoid the cost of vaccinations, desexing and replacing chewed furniture.

You’ll be their hero

Senior pets need someone like you to give them a forever home. They come to RSPCA Victoria shelters for many reasons, and are just waiting to be rescued to feel loved, safe and secure.

They come with no adoption fee

Senior pets at RSPCA Victoria come with no adoption fee. This is so we can give them the best possible chance at finding a loving home!

Our senior residents deserve a loving home, can you spare a spot on the couch?

Adopt a senior pet

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