7 reasons to adopt a greyhound

1. Model citizens for apartment living

No one likes a noisy neighbour (of the four OR two-legged variety), so keep the peace and welcome a greyhound into your home. Known to be generally quiet and mellow, these dogs will happily doze the day away without causing chaos. A regular walk and some playtime will keep these gentle giants content.

2. Judgement-free Netflix buddy

If you sometimes feel your TV show preferences are a little bit unique, a greyhound will happily sit by your side regardless of your viewing vices. Prefer to watch Midsomer Murders while all your friends are bingeing on The Crown? There’s a greyhound for that.

4. Winter is coming...

We’re not talking Game of Thrones, we mean actual winter, that cold season in between autumn and spring. It’s a season where we tend to stay indoors more often, so having a pet who will gladly spend the bulk of their day curled up on the couch with you is a massive win. A greyhound will take on this role and relish it.

5. Look into my eyes human

There is something special about the way a greyhound gazes into your eyes – with a look that says they understand you better than anyone in the world (even if they’re just trying to convince you to change the TV channel). Coupled with their trademark grin and cheeky habit of poking out their tongue, it’s pretty easy to fall head-over-paws.

6. Looking for long-term love? Look no further.

Average life expectancy of greyhounds is approximately 12-15 years, so if you’re looking for a long-term love affair, there’s a greyhound looking for you. Some friends come and go, but you can count on your greyhound always being there to lean on (or more accurately, probably gently leaning on you).

7. Ever been picked last for team sports? A greyhound can relate.

Many greyhounds are bred for racing, but are deemed too slow or do not perform on demand (and hey, we’ve all been there!) Who needs a speed machine when you can have a new best friend that will happily amble along next to you as you wander through the park on a sunny day? Some of these beautiful dogs may not have had the brightest of starts, but they have a lot of love to give. They’re just waiting for someone special to come along so they can begin the life they deserve.

And the best news yet, as of January 1 2019, retired greyhounds are no longer required to wear muzzles!

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