11 reasons why you should adopt!

1. You will be given the title of 'hero'

By adopting, you will be changing an animal’s life by giving them a second chance at happiness. There’s no better superpower than that!

2. All the shapes and sizes!

Adoption Centres are the only place you’ll find so many different breeds, mixes, colours and personalities.

3. Your carpet will thank you 😉

Most dogs have already been toilet trained and have had some basic obedience training while at the Adoption Centre.

4. They're as fit as a fiddle

All RSPCA animals are health and behaviour checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatments, and their adoption fee is a fraction of the price of anywhere else! So you can go home, relax and enjoy the company of your new family member.

5. Help is just a call away

If you ever have a question, our friendly staff and volunteers will be happy to help! You’ll get a lifetime of information, resources and support from our Adoption Centres.

6. It's like a match made in heaven

Adoption staff and volunteers will make sure that you are getting the right animal for you and your lifestyle, and that the animal is getting the right owner for their needs and personality. It’s a perfect match!

7. Fees are low

Buying a dog from a breeder can cost thousands of dollars! Adoption is just a fraction of that price and includes all the medical attention listed in point 4.

8. You're setting a good example

When people ask you where you got your adorable pup from, you can take pride in the fact that you adopted. The rest of the dogs in our Adoption Centre will thank you for spreading the word!

9. You're protecting the world from evil

By adopting a dog, you are reducing the demand for puppy factories where dogs and puppies live in appalling conditions and are treated inhumanely. By choosing to adopt, you’re essentially saving lives!

10. It just feels good

Owning a pet improves your physical and emotional health by reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and stress levels, and boosting your immunity. Adopting a pet is even more beneficial because you will always know you’ve done a good thing, which boosts self-esteem. Plus, nothing feels better than knowing that you’ve saved a life and given an animal, who will love you endlessly, a second chance at happiness.

11. Adoptees are cute as hell! Like this one...

Now lets let out a collective, “Awwwwww!”

These are just a few of the beautiful dogs you will find at RSPCA Victoria.

Check out who is available for adoption by clicking on the adoption button below. Who knows, you might just find your newest family member!

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