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When you join the RSPCA Rescue Team, your regular monthly donation will support our Inspectors on the frontline as they rescue animals from cruelty and neglect.

Your regular gift can help provide transport for our Inspectors to investigate cruelty complaints, medicine for sick animals and vital care for vulnerable animals in their time of need. Join the RSPCA Rescue Team and make sure every animal has the very best chance of escaping a life of devastating cruelty and abuse. Because every animal deserves to be safe, healthy and loved.

As part of our Rescue Team, you’ll:

  • Receive regular behind-the-scenes updates about the animals you are saving
  • Hear stories about the incredible impact you’re making
  • Be part of a tight knit group of animal lovers, just like you 
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Change the life of an animal like Gracie

When Gracie first arrived at our Burwood clinic, she was one of the saddest dogs we’d ever seen. She was in so much pain that she could barely move and she was terrified – too scared to even eat a treat.

We are so grateful that Inspector Jeremy found her when he did, while he was out investigating an animal cruelty report. He gathered Gracie up in his arms, gently carried her to his truck and thought, “this is probably the first time you’ve ever had a hug”.

RSPCA Inspectors like Jeremy don’t work alone. When they go out to rescue animals from cruelty and neglect, the RSPCA Rescue Team goes with them. These are our amazing supporters who give a regular monthly gift to help put petrol in the tank and to help

save lives.

Today, we’re asking you to join the Rescue Team – when you do, you’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with RSPCA Inspectors like Jeremy as they rescue animals from cruelty and neglect.

Join the Rescue Team today!